Hardest Shot in Pinball?

The 50k shot on Lizard I guess it’s called Pinball Lizard

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Correct. We have one of these at league, and the up-and-down also tends to land in the inner inlane, spotting a total of 3 numbers. Very useful. The switch isn’t quite at the very top though, more like three quarters the way up.

Making this shot consistently for me is a bit of an optical illusion. You want to miss it late. If you aim “correctly” you will most likely get a rattle off the wall and it won’t travel up. Missing it late sort of slings it smoothly off the curved bottom part of the metal side rail.

Collects bonus if lit after completing 1-2-3-4-5 twice (may be settings adjustable, this is how ours is set). Also spots the next number in the sequence.

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WCS scoop. Oh man, what drag. Diabolical.


I have to agree. Over hundreds of games, I got the super duper skill shot once, by accident. IMO, it’s not worth shooting for. But it’s definitely one of the most difficult shots in all of pinball.

That shot kept me out of qualifying at Pinburgh a few years ago. I couldn’t hit it and my opponent got it off the right sling, up and down the switch for 100k. I missed the cut by 1 point. :neutral_face:

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Game- High Hand
Shot- Center Hole Collect Bonus.


Simply “Liking” this post does not do it justice for me :slight_smile:


Jolly Park - center loop

It’s a really tight center shot at the top of the playfield. Even with rebuilt flippers it feels like a 1% success rate.

Tales from the crypt right ramp is really hard and I got to play houdini finally and the trunk lock shot is a crazy hard shot.

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I cover this in detail in my EMcyclopedia version 2 [coming out before this year’s Pinburgh].

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Left loop on Sharpshooter for the 50K rollover is pretty damned hard to do intentionally.

Lock shot on nine ball. It’s 100% impossible to shoot for :slight_smile:

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Crazy enough at INDISC you saw quite a few people getting it pretty well from a bank shot on the right…

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Sweet. I know I try that all the time. Ours is too fast and that bank shot has too much momentum to stay in.

Also left flipper to corner rubber between 3 bank drop targets and u turn shot. That angle tends to head there.

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The ramp shot on the upper flipper in Bally Motordome. Difficult to even get the ball up there, but even harder to complete that shot.

Collecting the Treasure on Escape from the Lost World.

Friends and I played each of those games dozens of times at ReplayFX 2017, and they’re two of the hardest shots I’ve encountered.

Once you’ve had a lost world the tresure(not a typo) shot becomes very doable. Especially since you can trap up with that flipper.

That shot is a beeyochhhh!!!

T2 “get the Stupid Jackpot!”


The hardest shot in pinball is the one that never works.

I will never have more fun playing Lost World than I did that afternoon.