Grand Lizard Code Update

Is anyone out there willing to take a stab at rewriting some code on this game? The initial request would revolve around the locks always being lit. Would be awesome to have a custom ROM for this that forced the player to do X before lock is lit.

I think the real issue is that upper playfield all day is too safe and rewarding. Doing something to make those points dry up and force the player to take risky shots on the lower playfield would help make this game less of a snoozefest that grinds tournaments to a halt.


Just take whatever code Sexton is writing for the BK Premium upper playfield … Copy/paste to Grand Lizard? :slight_smile:

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Like spell Lizard? I can’t imagine what else you could make them do that’s risky.

What does the lock shot do during multiball? Just release it?

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Spelling lizard would be fantastic.

When hitting the lock during MB it awards like 50K. My strategy on MB is to trap up on the right, and backhand the lock all day for a safe return to the left flipper. All while getting 2x or 3x per shot.

How many GLs have you played? This is impossible on the one I use.


Lucky you if that works on all of them. We have a few and it goes to the top of the right flipper if you’re lucky.

I also like to put a brand new silicone rubber on the post at the entrance of the lock. Requires a perfect shot to go in there. If it rattles at all that bouncy post sends it flying. Same for the post that guards the center spinner.

Physical modification vs. software modification.

Games that “play too long” for competition are sometimes not fixable by rules (software) changes alone. These games being…

Upper playfield / upper playfield section, that is too easy to keep the ball at.

Ramp shots returning to same flipper for recycling.

Special case, a center ramp makable from both flippers.

Plays that keep the ball rolling will still be plays that keep the ball rolling. And to make these plays zero points/zero progress is not a fix.

Making shots harder to make can be the way to go. But it comes at the cost of making deeper game objectives harder to make as well. Think EATPM. Ramps all day is unsafe, ok, so I play for multiball instead. Oh wait, the jackpot is too hard to make as well. Bummer.

Games where the “issue” is too easy to (re-)start multiball can be easier to do something about by rewriting rules. But there you can get into trouble with physical locks and multi-player games. I do not know GL too well on this.

From the design perspective, the best solution for upper playfields are 1) entrance controlled by a drop target/diverter. And 2) ball up there is timed or limited by some goal made. TS being a perfect example.

TNA with orbit blockers and a single small flipper is another approach that is elegant I think.

For ramps with returns, the solution by design is diverters. Perhaps with something fabulous like Stir-the-cup, where it all builds up to a nice scoring oppertunity.

For a game like GL you cannot really force the ball off the upper playfield by software, as you would have to kill the lower flippers as well. And to what benefit, as the paths up there are wide open.

I have one in my collection. Game is setup fair, but tough and it plays relatively quick for 4-player match play groups.

September 4-player Match play Tournament:
Grand Lizard 7 plays 16:41

Flip Frenzy Event:
Grand Lizard 23 plays 07:08

March 4-player Match play Tournament:
Grand Lizard 5 plays 15:52

24-hour 4-player match play tournament:
Grand Lizard 23 plays 18:30

Yeah those are solid times. Ours plays in similar length.

Let Eric Stone get a few games in and see what happens to your average play times.

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Of course you can always have that one player blow it up, but overall, this game should not hold up your typical tournament play settings.

It didn’t seem to play long at sanctum either. Stinks matchplay only lets the organizer see the time stats. Unless I’m missing something.

Probably a one-off example, but Phil Birnbaum had an amazing game at the Sanctum with a score of 5.5 million, playing the upper playfield. The rest of us didn’t even come close to his score.

I’m sure that took forever. Didn’t realize that. The most you can get for one shot is 100k up there. Haha.

Build the upper left loop to max value, repeat forever. I’ve rolled this game and lost before.


It’s the loops value determined by the drops on the left? I guess I gotta see this in action.

Yeah the left drop bank builds the loop value. I think it’s 3 completions to max it out at 40k then just go to town. Complete another bank and it lights EB or Special though and then you have to build it back up. Kind of like Skateball but lower risk.

Fun fact, if you sweep the 5 bank drops with 3 balls in play (triple scoring) it will score 600k. Deep cut?

Absolutely deep cut! Possible though? Seems impossible. Awesome that the rule is there though.