Games not displaying dangers

In our league finals there was a situation where one player tilted pretty hard on a tight game of TOTAN. The next player stepped up and played right away without waiting, after plunging they basically tilted right away. What was weird was that no one saw a danger, just straight to tilt.

Afterwards, I tested dangering in the skill shot screen on TOTAN, and sometimes it showed the danger, sometimes it didn’t. So it seems a player can danger through without it displaying the dangers, and the player will be playing with no warnings without knowing.

Is this common on TOTAN, or WPC in general, or is this a problem with this machine (colorDMD issue maybe)? I would like to better understand for future tournaments.

If there was any sort of audible clue, I would consider that sufficient. Many games have times in which the display does not show danger. Just be on the lookout!

In your testing, could you determine whether your shooter lane switch is working? That’s where I’d start.

Why do you say that? Is the shooter lane switch suppose to prevent dangers on WPC? FWIW, it seemed to be working because I remember it making the plunge “swoosh” sound as I repeatedly tried to plunge for the front snake.

This feels like a bug. Plenty of WPC games will show danger in the shooter lane.

I don’t think the shooter switch has anything to do with it. ColorDMD shouldn’t be an issue either.

I’m baffled as to why it would show danger sometimes, and not other times.

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Apparently not universal to WPC, but yes. I’d hope so. At least up until the first few seconds after the ball is delivered. The only WPC game I’m 100% sure on is Indy 500 – it definitely can tilt with the ball in the shooter lane.

Are you in a position to add an earplug to the tilt mech?

We had a similar issue in a pinmasters tournament on a TOM where it went straight tilt with no visible warnings to watching players/player. When stuff like this happens it is almost impossible to prove something went wrong. This might be an issue with this 3 some of games.

I believe that this is software related, in almost all instances the danger animation is supposed to take priority. With the ball in the shooter lane I believe that the danger animation does not have priority over the skill shot animations and such on a bunch of WPC games. I think Congo fails to danger with the ball in the shooter lane, and BSD (I think it may be any/all games that have skill shot animations, as I’m pretty sure you get danger animations on TAF while in the shooter lane).
I know that stern had a problem with this on a game awhile ago, but it was during gameplay, not resting in the shooter lane, (might have been ST, I don’t clearly recall which game it was) where the danger animation was not given priority something, they fixed it on the next code update.

From watching some of City Champ yesterday, I learned that MM and MB will auto-launch the ball if you take a danger in the shooter lane.

Interesting…Makes sense, you’re not supposed to shake the game before you plunge :wink:

Pressing the start button 4 times on the MM at City Champ was enough for two warnings.



This is Official Compensation for when you have a game with ONLY an autolaunch to be able to launch a ball when the launch button/gun/switch/whatever is broken.


No doubt. Needed to rename one of the castle titles to Duke of Danger.
That MM setup reminded me of the super-tilty JM setup at PAPA a few years back.


Well, that makes even more sense…

Over the top MM Setups and circuit events: name a more iconic duo.


Milk and Cookies, Ren and Stimpy, Captain and Tennile (sp ?)…Oh wait, those are not pinball related…

Buffalo & billiards…

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Jessie & Lightening Flippers

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That doesn’t work in any sort of crowded, loud space, like a full basement or bar.

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