Game specific flipper skills

Inspired by my video of the P3 pass, at replayfx I tried to record a few game specific filler skills. I only got 2.5 of them, but maybe others will share. I will post each in own comment.

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Big game - cat paw pass

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Alien poker - scissor pass


Nip-It. I saw @PinballProfile use the gator to push the ball back into the left lane. Looked repeatable and like a funny strategy. I was not able to pull it off, here was my best attempt.

Interesting! So using EDIT a “late” gator to push the ball all the way back to the left lane and back into the kicker? (instead of grabbing/eating the ball into the gator down the right)

Gator punch!


My personal favorite is the Meteor pass from left or right using the center post. Doesn’t work on 100% of games but when it does it’s super cool to do. This is the pass where you have the ball craddled and just let it roll off the flipper, bounce off the center post and over to the other flipper.

Some other notables:

  • ST Stern lock targets. Left loop shot while holding the right upper flipper up to let the ball bounce into the lock targets.
  • Metallica CIU - hard plunge while holding the left flipper, leave the flippers down and watch it bounce into the scoop. Doesn’t work on all games.

I’m real good at the “watch the ball go SDTM without trying to save it” move. Just watch the Bat City Stream for the last qualifying game on Star Trek. It’s on Ball 3 if you need a video :frowning:

The other one I wanted to grab on video (but didn’t) was how Tadman was handling hee haw up post in our dollar games. Just enough force to roll up the uppost and land on the meat of the opposite flipper. Really obvious once you see people doing it, but had not really occurred to me.

I’ve heard this referred to as a “Kirk Post Pass”, the Kirk Post being named after the game’s designer.

Definitely something you want to practice on each machine before attempting in tournament (if the post is even there).

The plunge you describe for Metallica can also work on Ghostbusters (award video mode skillshot).


Wheel of Fortune - Holding a ball trapped on the post below a flipper while continuing to play a multiball. You can actually get a lot done while letting it dead bounce and only doing quick flips when necessary to keep that ball trapped.


You could probably call the Star Trek away team shot a game specific flipper skill if you’re letting the flipper drop early to help the ball in.


On games with a pop bumper above the flippers like Andromeda or Sharpshooter you can use the bumper to do a pseudo post pass.

WHAT?!? That’s super cool.

I haven’t played it many times, but it kind of blew my mind when I saw Escher stage cradling Alien Poker a year or two ago at Pinburgh. This is a sweet add-on.

But I guess maybe not that useful since usually you’re putting it up top or into the drops which can be done equally from either flipper?

Are traps like that allowed under the rules?

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In situations where a ball is trapped in a way that it can be released through player action other than shaking or bumping – for example, a ball at rest underneath a flipper or any other mechanism which the player controls – this is not deemed to be a stuck ball. Balls trapped in this fashion during multiball modes are not generally considered to be a rules violation, although the ruling will depend on the exact machine and situation.

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Except that leaving a ball in the shooter lane on a manual-plunger machine meets all these requirements, but you can’t leave it there :slight_smile:

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I like on games like Dipsy Doodle (or the upper right flipper of Black Knight) to hold the flipper up when the ball is heading towards the thick part of the flipper and going to roll over it, and then drop the flipper right as the ball makes contact, using the spinning flipper to push the ball back into play

Shooting up top is easier from the left. I like to cradle on the lower right, then shatz the left inlane to spot 1-2 kings, then shoot it up the right orbit

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This actually works every time on my Sorcerer.


Where’s that video of the P3 pass @gammagoat ?

On some Starship Troopers, a trap on the right flipper resting against the mini flipper will send the ball straight into the saucer on the lower left side of the play field by activating the mini flipper. It works ~100% of the time on the one I play.

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