Game specific flipper skills


That’s actually beautiful. It never would’ve even occurred to me that it was possible. It’s amazing to see a player shake a ball out from halfway down an outlane. To cradle separate four balls on a flipper and make four distinct shots. But somehow this is equally enjoyable.


Starship troopers has a ton of little tricks you can do with that right flipper configuration…the most useful probably being a tiny flipper drop catch to a trap on the standard sized flipper.


The Kirk Post pass can also work on non-Kirk games. It all depends on the position of the post and bounciness of the rubber. Different WOF pins will also let you do the Kirk Pass, for instance.


How “game specific” do you want to get?

On the Stars in my basement, when the balls (rarely) get trapped on the cupped double or triple bonus inserts, it’s a super easy backhand of the pink or yellow Stars! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, that drop catch is crucial considering how often the game feeds from the scoop. Get Orbit MB going and you can left orbit - dropcatch - left orbit - etc. Another important use is slowing down balls for a trap on the lower flipper… those bumps off a normal flipper that would go SDTM will usually trap perfectly when bumped from the upper flipper to the lower.


Never would have considered staging that flipper to pass it. Funny, I overheard people talking while playing during Pinburgh: “There’d really be no purpose to staging them anyway”.



Hey, it won me two points…


While not a flipper skill, @gammagoat @PinballProfile and I were playing a game of Grand Lizard over the weekend, and Ian managed to use the Magnasave to pass the ball from the left magnet over to the right magnet, so that was quite fun to watch. I think it might be the new eyewear allowing him to see the magnetic field :stuck_out_tongue: Either that or he’s actually Magneto :wink:


Speaking of Magnasaves, I do a move on WCS that I find semi-useful. After the second multiball lock when the scoop becomes lit, I plunge the ball and hold up my right flipper. Usually there isn’t enough juice to get a hop over to the left flipper, but if you use the magnasave you can pretty much ensure that you’ll get a ball cradled on the left every time.

I figure that I’ve never actually successfully used the magnet for a legitimate save, so I may as well use it for a guaranteed shot at the scoop from a trap.


Yep. Also if a ball is traveling to fast down the left inlane to trap up, I use it then too.

Also if I’m in MB, and trying to get a cradle separation, it can help pull the ball or balls over to the left if they seem they are about to fall down to the drain from mis-judging a bounce.


Or you can do this! :joy: