Free Play Florida - PAPA Circuit Event (past weekend)

I know @LOTR_breath won the Classics (congrats!) but who won the Open?


twas Jason Werdrick won th’ Open

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I could not find a link to follow this tourney?

Thanks Bowen. We were trying to predict a winner on the way home and we all agreed it would be Trent, Zack, or Jason.

There was a website for live qualifying, but nothing that I know of for finals.

Any archived streaming from the finals? Twitch channel? (it’s not on PAPA’s)

There were zero cameras set up at this tourney.

Yea, hard to link to a whiteboard… :slight_smile:

How was it run? Looked like folks didn’t put in a ton of entries so wasn’t sure if people were unmotivated or if the games were all playing longer. Guess with a smaller # of games people could ‘finish’ their entries easier too.

Heck yes, Chris.

There were tons of entries played. They were just selling tickets that were torn before you started a game. If you didn’t like your score you just walked away, therefore many games were played but not recorded.

Lines were pretty long throughout most of the tourney. I know I waited 35 minutes to play TWD, and spent about 1 1/2 hours to put 4-5 entries in on IM. It was unusual for a papa circuit event to have 5 in the main and all 5 count and to have 3 in the classics and all 3 count.

I know last year at Louisville there were only 3 in the classics, but there had been a huge snowstorm and many games promised for the show and tourney didn’t arrive. I don’t know what the issue was with FPF, but there were only 3 games in the main tourney until 2 hours after the published start time.

Is there a minimum requirement of games needed to have a “PAPA Circuit” event? They had 5 in open and 3 in classics and the wait for some of the games could of been 45 minutes. I played a couple of bad games on Count-Down and one bad one on Iron Man and gave the rest of my tickets away.

No, there is no minimum. The key is running a good tournament, and not all good tournaments require a lot of games. We’re currently discussing details for next year’s selection process with the goal of giving players more power in the selection process. Details to come.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a game minimum. And I’m sure papa has discussed the pros and cons of a unified format for these circuit events, and they must have chosen against that for whatever reasons. I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of standard for all circuit events to adhere to in order to be eligible. Even if that’s a choice of say 3-5 different formats.

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Agree 100%!

I think the game minimum is the logical next step or at least make it a format that can run easier on a smaller number of games.We were waiting 50 minutes plus for Walking Dead all weekend.

There are too many events worthy of circuit that aren’t getting it because of these tournaments that are basically grand fathered in. I’m looking forward to the voting process and seeing what comes out of that.

Overall, I liked the show and the tournament. There were a lot of dedicated players and that’s part of the reason for the lines. In the future it would just be nice to get 8 games for the main to slow down some of the lines. That was the only real issue.

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There is an alternative, which is to limit how many tries a player gets either per machine or overall. Events looking to build up large prize pools don’t like to use those options, but there’s nothing that mandates how the prize pool, if any, is created either. Charge $100 per player for 30 tries across all games, max 5 tries per machine? Either way, I agree that events should choose formats that fit their machine count to prevent long lines. I would not support this year’s FPF situation for a future circuit event. You’re there to play, not to sit.


Lack of game selection was a major bummer. Such long lines, and being forced to make every game count makes for a really rough experience. Even if it was 7 games/pick 5, or heck even a bank of 5 and drop the 2 worst for a total possible 300.

I’m not the only one who expects a better run tournament from a circuit event. And it seemed like the people I spoke to, who had played in this even before, kind of knew that it was run this way.

I’m not trying to put down Donny, or the others who helped make the tournament happen, but when you literally don’t know the lineup the night before…I think that is a bad indicator. Or when the tournament starts and there are only three games available for the first three hours?


Would like to see the papa folks give flippers a chance at a papa circuit event

I wouldn’t blame papa. There are rules to getting an event. They need a track record of 40+ and most of all… They need to apply.