Free Play Florida - PAPA Circuit Event (past weekend)

It’s an open application process that will be starting within the next month or so. If you want flippers to be considered, you just have to apply when the time comes.

Flippers is consistently over 40 for their big tournament. Will apply this year and have a set date for the event November 4-6 2016. Am sure some will take issue with the Aurcade system for qualifying but change it up a bit and try a different format for a tournament come to the outer banks

Keith, we were discussing Papa circuit events and their proximity to the Southeast on the long drive back from Florida. There just aren’t enough. If you guys get one at Flippers the Alabama and Georgia guys will surely be there!


Dumb question: What’s the Aurcade system and why would people take issue with it?

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Aurcade is a computer system used in certain pinball tournaments and video game tournaments, corrected not used at replay world championship , It takes a percentage basis to receive points where highest score on pin gets 100 points then you can score as close to high score to get points on a percentage for example high score 100 million from A player i get a 75 million score then I get 75 points if I get a 50 million score then I get 50 points on a set number of pinball machines we use 10 machines to qualify on all 10.

In past we have gone back and forth on this at other forums but some take issue with aurcade.

Cannot get link to work but if you google aurcade and flippers fall pinball tournament it will show up to see standings the second post on google

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Thanks Chris would enjoy having all of you come up to the Outer Banks for this pinball tournament

Just a quick note… ReplayFX used a PAPA-scoring structure for their Replay World Championships, not the Aurcade system.

For those interested in a previous Aurcade discussion, I recommend looking into this thread.

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Will correct, when I played it was just like playing on the aurcade system on scoring

One more thing from the FPF Circuit event that I think was interesting/annoying.

The classics games were all single player games. This is something I want to think about as a tournament director in the future. Just kinda weird to have all single player games being played in the playoffs. Games were Jacks Open, Abra Ca Dabra and Sweet Hearts.

Also, Sweet Hearts was the single reason I didn’t play in the classics. I played one game of it, realized there was a gobble hole in the center and walked away without recording my score. I get its fun to mix it up and have “different” games in the tournaments. But 3/4 of the time it was like playing a bingo machine and at $3.33 a game, I just wasn’t feeling it.

For the record I was aiming for that gobble hole every ball :smile:

I’ll take the 100 point drain plus pop bumper scoring from the plunge every ball.


yup! the other good way to score on that game is to make sure you drain out the outlanes on ball 1, which lights the slings for 10 pts a hit. you can do this on any ball, but obviously ball 1 will maximize value.

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I think Alex is just a bit too young to really appreciate the rules minutiae that those early 60’s Gottlieb’s have to offer :wink:

I remember being 23 once . . . lol


I’m hoping you throw at least one gobble hole game in Pin Masters, National Championship, Women’s World Championship and World Championships now.

New rule change for WPPR 6.0. All tournaments get a bonus if they include a gobble hole game.

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Challenge accepted :smile:

(which at Tim’s place I believe 64% of all of his games have gobble holes in them)

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I won the final game of my match against Steve Zahler at IFPA9 by deliberately shooting for, and hitting, a gobble hole. Can’t remember the name of the game, but it wasn’t even the oldest game that has been used.

Gobble holes are stupid but they’re part of pinball :wink:

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My first game with a gobble hole was at my first pinburgh. I thought the gobble hole was feeding the ball back to the shooter lane and was getting excited with each gobble hole drain. Was very confused when my game ended on ball 2 :frowning:


Regarding Sweet Hearts, I felt just like Alex at first. But after several games I started to pick up on the nuances of the game and began putting up 700-900 point games. Eventually got a game of 1,165. That felt pretty damn good!


It’s too bad there isn’t a way for specials to be worth points on that game. Specials are a huge part of playing Sweet Hearts. It’s a great machine.


I actually had Ken Walker jumper my Buckaroo to award 100 points per Special. So many of those games are all about getting specials, and a competitive/home environment makes it worthless.

Never actually lined up my Buckaroo to leave the “4” lit to be able to crack off 4 credits in one shot for 400 points, but it was always fun to try.


Question on scoring for major events. I saw a sheet that had the final rounds giving a 4-2-1-0 for the 4 player groups on 3 pins but I could be mistaken but was pinburgh on a 3-2-1-0 for the 4 player group in 4 pins. Which is the better point basis for a tournament on 4 player group?