free play Denton comps prior to TPF

Hi are spaces still available for the comps at free play Denton on the Monday and/or Thursday before the Texas festival, and if so can someone point me in the direction of where to register? I only seem to be able to find a facebook page where I have clicked on ‘interested’. I arrive in Texas on the Monday afternoon so provided no flight delays I should be ok.
cheers, Andy

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If you are on that FB page you should be able to send a message to David Whitlock or Chris Delp for the Thursday event. As for the Monday event, that one isn’t capped so just show up by 7pm, and find Chris Delp the big tall guy with glasses carrying around a laptop. The flip Frenzy on thu you will need to check in by 6:45.

ah ok just done, put going and written in the comments box.
many thanks,

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For people who aren’t on FB who want to sign up, PM me your name and I’ll send it to the TDs