Flipout 2016 standing and bracket


A bracket - check after 230am - tinyurl.com/hyap5o9
B bracket - check after 230am - tinyurl.com/hux9df7

That kiss score is ridiculous!

Escher leading Adam! :slight_smile:

An all new stern tournament! My dream!


It’s the annual Sternament. Hopefully I can make it next year. Looks like lots of fun.

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so 90+ people total this year for the main tournament? Is that lower than previously due to qualifiers being restricted to the one day/thursday?

I like how Zach and Josh are getting match up right away :slight_smile:

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That’s probably part of it. I’m guessing maybe it not being a circuit event cut off a few people too? It’s only about 30 fewer participants than last year though.

Anyone speak to how ghostbusters was setup? New code?

If this is new code, an all don’t cross the streams strategy looks pretty viable.

Last year’s expo tournament my first large (and first ranked, for that matter) tournament, and has easily been the most painful experience I’ve had with competitive pinball. There was an absurd amount of physically standing in line to qualify, and the selection of games in the tourament bank was rather boring. :-/

I was tempted to go this year, but couldn’t bring myself to it without indication the situation this year would be different.

Instead, I’m gonna spend a few days over at Logan Hardware :slight_smile:

This year there is absolutely no standing in line required to qualify as everyone makes the finals. The game selection in 2015 was Game of Thrones, Kiss, Mustang, Woah Nellie, X-Men, The Walking Dead, with Game of Thrones having just been released. If you were bored of those games there were also 6 games in classics that had shorter lines most of the time.

Neverdrains also has the option to do a virtual queue. I’ve seen it used at Magfest and Buffalo Pinball Summer Open and it can help the standing. Not sure if it was used this year.

Not used, per Trent’s request.

seems like a good idea to give people time back to enjoy the show. Making the change to Thursday qualifiers close to the event may have hurt a bit but even though, nearly 100 player for a Thursday is very good :slight_smile:

Any stream of the Flipout finals?

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interesting stuff happening, Keith E is in the looser bracket, Escher top 8 of the winner bracket. Wish we had some streaming :slight_smile:

What happened to Classics finals btw?

Virtual queue, eh? As a disabled person, the waiting really is the hardest part (and actually knocked me out of the last big tournament I played before playing all the machines). Has anyone done a tourney where this was used?

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Pretty much every tournament using DTM ( Software by @kdeangelo ) has this, and makes the experience much more enjoyable – especially for tournaments attached to shows. Players can manage the queue they’re in from a mobile device, check their position, and eventually head back to the tournament bank for their turn after enjoying other parts of the show.

I’m flabbergasted there was an intentional decision not to take advantage of it at expo this year. I found it a huge benefit at both INDISC and Louisville (And NWPC, to a lesser degree since there isnt much to do at NWPC other than stand around the event room. :wink: )

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To be fair, I’m pretty sure matchplay.events by @haugstrup has a similar virtual queue, but I’ve never played in a tournament where it was used.

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Although the queuing system is a great idea, I still find myself having to hover by the tournament area at all times to make sure my spot isn’t skipped for not showing up for my turn. The queue on my phone never synced up with what was actually happening. I had to always head back when the app said I was third in line or so, as that usually meant I was up next. It was hard to tell. I guess I just need to get more used to it.

huh. I’ve never had a problem with the queue accurately reflected on my phone. The DTM electronic queuing system rocks!

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