Flipout 2016 standing and bracket

whoaaaa Escher seems to be crushing it!

So no stream? Isn’t this usually streamed? There was no replacement for PAPA.tv I guess?

Papa had streamed there the past 3 years when it was a papa circuit event.

Go escher !!!

Bowden had it streaming on facebook…not sure if anyone has anything up right now though. Escher v Elwin in losers bracket finals. Winner faces off against Zach

Keith took game 1 on GoT something like 4.3 to 2.8B; now on Trek.

Battle of Freds in Classics winners bracket

That’s Keith vs Zach. Keith beat Escher.

Keith plunged ball 3 for a loss on Trek: Zach had 500M+, Keith 117M starting ball 3 … conserve energy. GoT again for game 3, Keith did 2.2B ball 1.

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Classics. … Todd Seaver vs. Chris Frame now, loser gets 4th, winner plays Fred C, Fred R awaits.

Format allows same pin be played twice in the same round?

Yes, if the other player picks it.

Zach returned the plunge off on GoT, conceding match 1. Now each with 1 match loss, playing Star Trek game 1.

Chris beat Todd in Classics, now playing Fred C for losers bracket.

Keith had another 4B or so at the time in game 3.

Chris beat Fred C, now playing Fred R.

Zach has 99?M for 2 balls on Trek, Keith at 185M, still going.

202 to 92 Keith starting ball 3

Keith wins game 1. Game 2 is on Metallica.

Zach has 12M for 2 balls on MET, Keith 119M.

Keith wins, Zach 2nd. Keith came from low seed in A all the way through (he got in too late to play entry games).

Classics final final game is on Power Play

Fred Richardson wins Classics, Chris Frame 2nd. We’re done! At 3:47 p.m.

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I’m impressed with the sportsmanship, level of confidence and respect world class players show each other to resign a game when down a significant score and move on to the next game instead of trying to grind away for 30 minutes or more.

It is not a violation of the “never give up” attitude when one’s efforts can be better used elsewhere.


Nicely put. Only exception is when there is no next game

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