Favorite stuck balls


This showed up in my Facebook memories today. I started multiball and got the triple, then these two balls settled at the bottom of the ramp. So I took the third one, shot another triple, it hit the two balls, knocking one out but leaving the remaining two settled in there. I did this for around 600M before they finally all came out.


The heck is this even stuck on? Playfield dirt? The game’s level!



Choking the Cannon - - was playing at an amusement park; service not available during the day, had to quit when it happened. :frowning_face:


From tonight’s comp:


When you shoot both orbits at the same time and neither ball comes back…


Fun with inserts



3 balls installed!



Look, Ma! No hands! It actually stayed there through a couple of ball searches while I tried to figure out what was keeping it in place.


i had one like that happen to me, except the ball was in the crook of the guy’s arm (the lightning bolts have been removed on this particular DI). No amount of nudging would get it out. had to take the glass off.


Hmm. Seems like ball search would get it.


Dead Stucky of WoodBury, Oh well.



Stern IronMaiden, Ball stuck in loop below ramp and to the right. Ball search didn’t free it.

2 minutes till Stucky. Help me Eddie.


Three balls stacked in the whirlpool and stuck somehow… Had to pull the out with a magnet




ClusterVUK, LMAO!


Magnet threw a screamer sdtm and it landed here with the kickback lit. Ball search was kind.


I was playing Rollergames and had a ball come flying down the middle, ride up the left apron, and come to a rest on the ball save kicker plunger without triggering the switch to trigger it.


Good one yesterday - what are the chances?