Fantasy Pinburgh 2019 Analysis

Fantasy Pinburgh 2019 Analysis
By Greg Poverelli

It’s almost that time, Replay FX is around the corner and this year’s Pinburgh is bigger and better than ever, clocking in at a whopping 1000 players! Pinball is on the rise folks, and we are all part of it. What better way to celebrate an American pastime then to play some fantasy and root for your favorite players for some wholesome fun throughout the competition? I know my team was hard to finalize, with a lot of different combinations I considered. I know that if I’m primed to BEEF, I will have a strong team battling it out for the BOOMs I sought after, keeping me excited into the waning hours of finals Saturday! I want to thank Timmy, who did some amazing work on the scoring and player value metrics for fantasy this year. As a reminder, this is for fun and pride only; there are no wagers, so this is within IFPA rules for anyone to enjoy. I’ve always been an avid fantasy player who enjoys analytics, so I’m going to give you a brief breakdown of how scoring and drafting works, with the appropriate links to participate and share some of my favorites and sleepers for Pinburgh. Fantasy Pinburgh tips, WPPRelli approved.

Tim’s google doc is very detailed, use each tab to move from instructions, player value, scoring metric and prior year’s examples for reference. A quick explanation for how this works: you have a budget of $400 to draft your 5 player team. Players are valued by a formula considering ranking and prior Pinburgh performances, then adjusted for some that might have less experience in the event but are star studded, like Daniele Acciari. You can’t go over your budget, and the minimum player value is a base $20, that $20-35 range is where you can find some big time value sleepers who might win you the draft. Once you have your team send in your submission at the link, only one submission per player. The team with the most points wins. Remember fantasy is all about depth, you want consistency and are looking for 5 players that qualify for A finals.


1st 80

2nd 76

3rd 72

4th 68

5-8 64

9-16 60

17-28 56

29-40 52

Lost tiebreaker 50

Below tiebreaker subtract 1 per each loss under 50-n (if they make A Division but not finals 31-49 points)

B division 30

C division 20

D division 10

E division 0

Here is the google doc:

Here is the submission page:

Feel free to share with friends!

Now keeping in mind your goal is to pick players who will make a run deep into A finals, you want to find value by picking sure things at the top end and strength at low cost after that. One thing to consider is anyone who is A restricted is guaranteed to score 31 points or more, with the potential to qualify for finals and BOOM it for you. If you can construct a team of only A restricted players you know your starting point will be over 150 points. That won’t be enough though, you’re going to have to draft well. So let’s move on to the notable players at each price tier, and my favorite choice amongst them. Please note, there are so many strong players in this elite tournament, these opinions are just my favorite picks. Not mentioning anyone is not by any means meant as a criticism or knock. I know this idea isn’t for everyone but hopefully you enjoy this content and we all have some fun. I think fantasy has helped secure the popularity of so many sports, and can be a part of pinball’s future. I had almost 20 teams constructed last year, and 10 this year before settling on my final submitted roster. The beauty of the biggest pinball tournament of all time is how many amazing players there are!

As a note: my picks from each tier are not my advice for a 5 player team persay, just my favorite selection in each tier I’ve designated. It also is not an indication that I think that player will finish highest, but rather they have the best value and are my tip for optimal team building.

Tier 1: The GOATS $175+

Keith Elwin $223.05

The best player of all time, with a staggering 17 major final 4s, a dominant 4 Pinburgh victories - the reigning champ in this event, he’s undoubtably the safest choice in fantasy this year and any to come. That being said he comes at a high cost and you’ll need to find the sleepers to pair with him. KME is the only player I’d say is a sure thing to make the final 4 at any given Pinburgh. The data agrees.

Raymond Davidson $205.21

Our current number 1 ranked player in the world, multiple time world champ and the hottest player in all of pinball right now; you can’t go wrong with RayDay. He’s finished second in this event before and he could easily collect 999 bones and win this thing. High cost with a sure thing reward if you feel the titles going home to Seattle, feel safe taking Ray.

Daniele Acciari $186.99

Daniele is coming all the way from Italy to grace us with his presence this year in Pittsburgh. Fresh off the most epic IFPA WC finals of all time, finishing second for the second year in a row; no stranger to valor, Daniele is a 4 time world champion and a match play machine. While he often can’t make Pinburgh for work reasons, I predict a big time finish for him in 2019. Comfortable on machines of all eras as he has displayed throughout his career, I think Daniele is a slam dunk at Pinburgh.

My pick: Daniele

You can only afford one player at this tier and Daniele being the most cost efficient. I think it could be his year to win it. Keith and Ray are favored ahead of him, but that extra budget space is my reasoning. You can’t go wrong one of these three, one of them is very likely to be the winner: however, in any auction or budget style fantasy draft, the top picks come with risk.

Tier 2 $100-175

Eric Stone $151.36

Stone has pseudo retired from his circuit dominance because of his full time gig as a weatherman, but rest assured he’s a tidal wave anywhere he plays. He crushes every event he attends. Chicken not BEEF.

Jim Belsito $145.99

One of the past winners of this event, a model of consistency coming off another final 4 last year, Jim is a safe option. He’s calm and clutch, I drafted him last year and reaped the benefits. Belsito 2019!

Cayle George $137.75

One of the best players of all time, he has won PAPA and EPC but hasn’t solved the Pinburgh puzzle just yet. I think he’s by far one of the best values of the draft and will definitely benefit your team. I suggest Cayle at this price highly.

Escher Lefkoff $114.15

One of the many young superstars of pinball, it’s hard to even imagine how good Escher will get. He’s the reigning PAPA world champion and at this entry cost might be one of the safest plays.

Jorian Engelbrektsson $111.11

Jorian is a major tournament wrecking machine, with 12 final 4s and 7 victories, he is second only to Keith Elwin in both elite categories. He is a top 5 pro and his rank only slipped due to taking time off for family, his Pinburgh results are an anomaly and this formula has him as the absolute best value in the entire pool. I had him on almost every single roster I made. Draft him confidently. Value for days.

My pick: Jorian

There were countless players in this tier that are worth mentioning as it likely the most important price range, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Jorian is just the best bang for your buck. Expect big things from many of these players. I suggest structuring your team to have at least 2, that’s what I did! Honorable mentions and smart plays go to both Sharpe’s, Adam Becker, Colin MacAlpine and Cryss Stephens.

Tier 3 $60-100

Karl DeAngelo $95.56

The man who brings us the beloved neverdrains software and iepinball - he’s no stranger to Pinburgh success having finished second a few years ago. He’s a consistency machine and a great value.

Andy Rosa $86.82

The reigning Stern Pro Circuit champion, will Andy be wearing the belt with his famous gloves this Pinburgh? Probably the best nudger in the game, he’s great at all eras but his strength on classics make him a very smart choice.

Aleksander Kaczmarczyk $81.01

This local Pittsburgh youth is as dominant in the area as it comes. He’s been on fire on the circuit for seasons and he knows these games better than anyone after playing Fight Clubs this season. Almost a sure thing to do well at this tier.

Sean “The Storm” Grant $76.62

A player I need to battle locally in NYC, Sean doesn’t play much on the road and his rank is not an indication of his skill. He used to be front page top 25 ifpa and has made the final 4 of Pinburgh as well as several other top 16s. He’s one of the best value picks and that’s what fantasy is all about. Heed the Storm warning!

My pick: Aleksander

This was a tight one between Aleks and Karl for me, most of my rosters had one or the other and it’s another tier you can’t go wrong in. I’m going with the local powerhouse. I think home field is big in all competitions and last year almost all my rosters had either Aleks, Cryss Stephens, or both. I feel the same way this year. In fact, I convinced myself while writing this that I made a mistake not drafting Aleks this season. Do it!

Tier 4 $20.01-60

Keri Wing $54.38

Keri is the reigning Women’s World Champion, and is destroying events in the past few years. She won a new in box stern in Vegas and I predict she will make A finals and make a big run in 2019. She qualified last year and is A restricted. Safe play with upside.

Joe Lemire $49.35

Joe is having the best season of his career and has been placing almost every place he travels. The NEPL is a good match play preparation and I feel he’s likely to succeed at the big show. A restriction means another safe play with upside.

Tim Sexton $48.00

The man who brought us Fantasy Pinburgh, Stern’s newest hot shot and no stranger to pinball success, I love Timmy at this part of the budget range. He qualified last season in A finals, he qualified in Toronto at his first IFPA, just placed in the top 8 at his last SPC event at Pintastic. Expect big things from Tim.

Brian O’Neill $47.59

Another player having their best season to date, this San Francisco player just won his home town circuit at City Champ and followed it up with a 2nd at Pintastic. Can’t possible go wrong as he is A restricted and a top 100 player at low cost.

Lyman Sheats $31.07

Lyman is one of the all time greats. He is right up there with any other GOAT level, multiple time major world champion. I’m saying it right here, right now: the best pick of fantasy Pinburgh 2019. He’s busy making some amazing pinball machines and his low cost is only due to his rank slipping from lack of play, he could win the whole thing anywhere he plays. Thanks Lyman!

Aaron Grabowski $24.04

Aaron is a dominant player out of Michigan who rarely travels to play. You’ll see scores he puts up that display his rank is not indicative of his elite skill. A bit of a modern dominant player, but has had success at pinburgh and on the circuit. I love Grabowksi at this value. Good 5th spot to any roster.

My pick: Lyman

Silky Sheats at that price?! All day every day. He’s a world champion and I’m unable to make a roster without him on it this year. Lyman might be the nicest guy in pinball and the best pick in the pool. Lots of good options at this level, and picking the right two is likely to make you the fantasy champ. Value picks make teams win. Honorable mentions and smart plays goes to Chris Basler for the best upside, and Jeff Teolis who is great value for an A restricted player.

Tier 5: $20

All of the follow are my top sleeper options (in alphabetical order) who can bring you great value for $20:

Christopher CJ Smith

Ed Zeltmann

Gene X Huang

Greg Dunlap

Greg Poverelli

Helena Walter-Higgins

Jack Danger

Phil Harmon

Ron Hallet Jr.

Todd Maccallough

Zoe Vrabel

My pick: Helena

Helena is my favorite player from this group but you can’t go wrong as I think they all are great choices. She has the most upside in my opinion. The $20 cost is the perfect way to solve the puzzle of how to finish a team with when you draft one of the top 3 picks this year. Honorable mentions are Zoe, Jack and I. I don’t often feel too comfortable at Pinburgh, but as the only top 100 A restricted player in this budget range, I can’t score less than 31 points. Plenty of good options at the $20-35 range that I think can really make a team push over the top.

Alright folks, I hope you enjoyed this type of fantasy analysis and strategy write up! I love this hobby and can’t wait to see you all at pinburgh! Come say hello and tell me what you thought, I want to make more content like this in the future. I suggest when you plan out your fantasy team you get pen and paper, you can weigh all the options by looking at the cap space with different combinations of players. Thanks to Timmy for the great work he did and make sure to have fun, and share this with friends. Good luck!

Please note: full results are opt in, use the submission form to provide your email to get them. If you already submitted a team, submit another form with just your email to get the detailed results. Anyone who doesn’t want to be part of Fantasy Pinburgh, for whatever reason, only needs to ask and can be removed. If you draft a player who doesn’t show up, submit a $20 option by round 3.


Haha Greg I read this all as your voice in my head and it was very entertaining. It’s oddly comforting to know that no matter how much I nerd out on this stuff, you’ll always be on the next level.

For the sake of accuracy, he’s only played 3 of them this year. But still, his boundless knowledge of lesser known / bad 90’s games gives him a good boost at Pinburgh.


Well he has more time on those games then anybody else mentioned probably! Not that Aleks needs practice to crush games.

Love you too Delzoppo! Glad you enjoyed.

I’ve been playing Fantasy Pinburgh for over 20 years now (remember back in '02 when Kenji Ishii came out of “nowhere” to finish 4th ?! those were the days…). And I have to say this is the best, longest, and most in-depth analysis of the field that I’ve seen in a long time.

That said, I don’t think I’m going to choose you for my Fantasy Fantasy Pinburgh team this year. I like your picks, I just like some other Fantasy Pinburgh pickers better. I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings. Keep up the good work.


Escher’s Dad

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Thanks Adam that’s means a lot to me! Please PM me your version of Fantasy I’d love to try it.

I didn’t pick me in any of the teams I considered either. I only suggested me as an option strictly due to the math involved with the advantage of A restriction. I didn’t draft any players over $140 on my final roster, but I could be a choice for someone with the GOATs on their team.

I know you’re kidding, but I hope nobody would have feelings hurt. You have a great value this year and I know you aren’t upset I didn’t mention you. Fantasy is a lot of fun and good for sports. I love pinball and the whole community.

I think you missed the nuance of him passing on you as a “picker” rather than a “player” :wink:


I won’t share my final team but Iove the roster. I finished 4th last year - liking my chances this year again. My “picks” were from that tier being analyzed, but not my team picks. I had no tier 1 or 5 players this year. There a lot of great options you can fit together. That’s the fun part.

Inception Fantasy Pinburgh FTW!

Thanks Tim and Greg for taking time to make this. It’s awesome!

Any interest in some side fantasy divisions for picks under $40? Or picks only at $20?


Greg, Tim, this is so fucking awesome!!

This ticks all of my nerd boxes, Pinball, Fantasy, stats, competition. Just an awesome job, well done.

Just threw in my selection, i’m very happy, a Pinburgh tour de force.

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Just submitted my picks. This was fun trying to find value vs. performance. I managed to get my 5 to add up to $399.80, LOL.


Hope that extra 19 cents doesn’t come back to haunt you. :slight_smile:

What a great idea! :slight_smile:
Also submitted a team now. Watch out for Swedish Erotica!

EDIT: Dang! Is it possible to change the line-up if I made a mistake/changed my mind?
If so - how?


just resubmit

anyone exactly $400?

Someone pulled it off


$399.81 :metal:t3:

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For laughs, I ran a monte carlo simulation with all the names and values looking for exactly $400 groups of five, and there are tons of them… about 1 every 100,000 tries, Here are 122 different combos from 10 million random combinations:

Adam Becker ($127.52), Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Colin Urban ($63.64), Tim Sexton ($48.00), Andrew Foster ($34.37)
Adam Becker ($127.52), Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Richie Terry ($45.61), The $20 Field ($20.00)
Adam Becker ($127.52), David Riel ($110.33), Sean Grant ($76.62), Richie Terry ($45.61), Nick Destefano ($39.92)
Adam Becker ($127.52), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Tommy Skinner ($48.86), Chris Compton ($21.46)
Adam Becker ($127.52), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), John Tomsich ($85.29), Zac Wollons ($53.79), Tim Sexton ($48.00)
Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Keri Wing ($54.38), Derek Price ($35.07)
Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Alex Harmon ($41.49)
Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), David Marcis ($41.34), mats sahlberg ($30.03)
Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Johnny Modica ($58.65)
Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Dave Stewart ($73.29), Adam Mckinnie ($66.69), Joe Lemire ($49.35)
Cayle George ($137.75), Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Sean Grant ($76.62), Eden Stamm ($33.19), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Cayle George ($137.75), Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Derek Thomson ($62.58), Drew Cedolia ($44.77), Chris Compton ($21.46)
Cayle George ($137.75), Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Preston Moncla ($37.85), Evan Bookbinder ($20.35)
Cayle George ($137.75), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Zac Wollons ($53.79), Robert Destasio ($51.67)
Cayle George ($137.75), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Alberto Santana ($63.46), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), Daniel Rone ($26.67)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Adam Becker ($127.52), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Tim Sexton ($48.00), Damien Charléty ($25.30)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Phil Grimaldi ($71.39), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Barry Brdar ($21.49)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), David Riel ($110.33), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Mahesh Murthy ($51.35), Drew Cedolia ($44.77)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), David Riel ($110.33), Sean Grant ($76.62), Rick Prince ($58.96), Brian Shepherd ($20.65)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Phil Grimaldi ($71.39), Jeff Teolis ($30.50)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Keri Wing ($54.38), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Tommy Skinner ($48.86)
Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Aleksander Kaczmarczyk ($81.01), Mike Corbett Wa ($34.67), Evan Bookbinder ($20.35)
Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Andy Rosa ($86.82), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Johnny Modica ($58.65), Tommy Skinner ($48.86)
Cryss Stephens ($121.47), John Tomsich ($85.29), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Maka Honig ($66.61), Flavio Baddaria ($51.83)
Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Jens Flügge ($70.65), Colin Urban ($63.64), Bart Volman ($33.13)
Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Eric Strangeway ($26.88)
Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Maka Honig ($66.61), Steven Clute ($42.74)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Andy Rosa ($86.82), Robert Destasio ($51.67), Greg Defeo ($39.88), Matt Schwab ($34.64)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Rod Lawrence ($27.95), Chris Basler ($26.32), Damien Charléty ($25.30)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Matt Schwab ($34.64), Ryan Spindler ($33.10), Tom Graf ($23.80)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Maka Honig ($66.61), Preston Moncla ($37.85), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Tommy Skinner ($48.86), Chris Basler ($26.32)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Adam Cane ($32.06), Ian Harrower ($25.28)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Andrew Foster ($34.37), Bart Volman ($33.13)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Craig Pullen ($33.21), Eric Strangeway ($26.88)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Derek Miazga ($54.07), Greg Defeo ($39.88), Ed Giardina ($34.86)
Daniele Celestino Acciari ($186.99), Sebastian Bobbio ($71.52), Bob Matthews ($63.31), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Cryss Stephens ($121.47), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Flavio Baddaria ($51.83), Michi Henning ($23.13)
Eric Stone ($151.36), David Riel ($110.33), Johnny Modica ($58.65), David Marcis ($41.34), Jesse Baker ($38.32)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Joe Lemire ($49.35), Richie Terry ($45.61), Greg Galanter ($44.40)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Sebastian Bobbio ($71.52), Johan Genberg ($41.68), Greg Defeo ($39.88)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Drew Cedolia ($44.77), Archibald LEFEVRE ($37.09)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Robert Gagno ($102.71), Aleksander Kaczmarczyk ($81.01), Don Johnson ($38.60), Chris Basler ($26.32)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Sean Grant ($76.62), Maka Honig ($66.61), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), Greg Galanter ($44.40)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Steven Bowden ($133.89), John Miller MO ($47.68), Eric Destasio ($45.52), Justin Bath ($21.55)
Eric Stone ($151.36), Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Johnny Modica ($58.65), Lyman Sheats ($31.07), Al Thomka ($28.39)
Escher Lefkoff ($114.15), David Riel ($110.33), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Phil Grimaldi ($71.39), Justin Bath ($21.55)
Escher Lefkoff ($114.15), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Maka Honig ($66.61), Stephen Prusa ($41.10)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), David Riel ($110.33), Keri Wing ($54.38), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Archibald LEFEVRE ($37.09)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Andrew Foster ($34.37), Zachary Frey ($24.96)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), Mahesh Murthy ($51.35), Nick Zendejas ($31.79)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Escher Lefkoff ($114.15), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Steve Zahler ($46.18), Zachary Frey ($24.96)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), mats sahlberg ($30.03)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Josh Sharpe ($134.30), Derek Thomson ($62.58), Robert Byers ($37.13), The $20 Field ($20.00)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Jeff Teolis ($30.50)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Dave Stewart ($73.29), Bob Matthews ($63.31), Adam Lefkoff ($33.21)
Jim Belsito ($145.99), Steven Bowden ($133.89), Richie Terry ($45.61), Drew Cedolia ($44.77), Elliott Keith ($29.74)
Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), Greg Galanter ($44.40)
Josh Sharpe ($134.30), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Zac Wollons ($53.79), Damien Charléty ($25.30)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Adam Mckinnie ($66.69), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Alberto Santana ($63.46), Stephen Prusa ($41.10)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Jesse Baker ($38.32)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Cayle George ($137.75), Andrew Rosa Ii ($42.59), Chris Frame ($30.68), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Archibald LEFEVRE ($37.09), Eric Strangeway ($26.88)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Aleksander Kaczmarczyk ($81.01), David Marcis ($41.34), Adam Cane ($32.06)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), Ed Giardina ($34.86)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), Flavio Baddaria ($51.83), Joe Lemire ($49.35)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Robert Destasio ($51.67), Greg Defeo ($39.88), Ben Granger ($34.33)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), Steven Clute ($42.74), Justin Bath ($21.55)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Josh Sharpe ($134.30), Brian O’Neill ($47.59), Chris Frame ($30.68), Jason Bokor ($24.42)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Alberto Santana ($63.46), Steve Zahler ($46.18), Nick Zendejas ($31.79)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Will Mckinney ($42.97), Elliott Keith ($29.74)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Steven Bowden ($133.89), Joe Lemire ($49.35), Ryan Spindler ($33.10), Brian Shepherd ($20.65)
Jörgen Holm ($163.01), Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Steven Clute ($42.74), Nick Destefano ($39.92), Tom Graf ($23.80)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Adam Mckinnie ($66.69), David Marcis ($41.34), Preston Moncla ($37.85), Lyman Sheats ($31.07)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Derek Thomson ($62.58), Mahesh Murthy ($51.35), Don Johnson ($38.60), Jason Bokor ($24.42)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Colin Urban ($63.64), Bob Choate ($25.97), Michi Henning ($23.13)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Timothy Street ($48.36), Craig Pullen ($33.21), John Flitton ($31.17)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), Jeff Teolis ($30.50), Brian Shepherd ($20.65)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Ben Granger ($34.33), Daniel Rone ($26.67)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Zac Wollons ($53.79), Ryan Spindler ($33.10), Chris Basler ($26.32)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Preston Moncla ($37.85), David Oliver ($30.55), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Richie Terry ($45.61), Zachary Frey ($24.96), Tom Graf ($23.80)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Tommy Skinner ($48.86), Chris Frame ($30.68), David Mainwaring ($23.79)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Will Mckinney ($42.97), Craig Pullen ($33.21), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Keri Wing ($54.38), Flavio Baddaria ($51.83), Drew Cedolia ($44.77), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Nick Zendejas ($31.79), Aaron Grabowski ($24.04)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Andrew Foster ($34.37), Chris Frame ($30.68), Doug Teale ($26.50)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Ben Granger ($34.33), David Oliver ($30.55), Daniel Rone ($26.67)
Keith Elwin ($223.05), Rick Prince ($58.96), Mahesh Murthy ($51.35), Johan Genberg ($41.68), Zachary Frey ($24.96)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Adam Mckinnie ($66.69), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Adam Lefkoff ($33.21), Chris Frame ($30.68)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Aleksander Kaczmarczyk ($81.01), Dave Hubbard ($52.21), Derek Price ($35.07), Doug Teale ($26.50)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Andy Rosa ($86.82), John Miller MO ($47.68), David Oliver ($30.55), Elliott Keith ($29.74)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Bob Matthews ($63.31), Rick Prince ($58.96), Robert Destasio ($51.67), Dale Geiger ($20.85)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Colin Urban ($63.64), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Preston Moncla ($37.85), Eden Stamm ($33.19)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Dave Stewart ($73.29), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Nick Zendejas ($31.79), Bob Choate ($25.97)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Escher Lefkoff ($114.15), Ben Granger ($34.33), Eric Wagensonner ($24.82), Barry Brdar ($21.49)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Jesse Baker ($38.32), Ian Seidler ($37.47), Rod Lawrence ($27.95)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Alex Harmon ($41.49), David Marcis ($41.34), Walt Lannis ($29.38)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Jack Tadman ($82.58), John Delzoppo ($60.11), David Oliver ($30.55), Justin Bath ($21.55)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Todd Rafacz ($61.59), David Oliver ($30.55), Mark Pearson ($29.03)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Jens Flügge ($70.65), Andrew Lee ($68.72), jared august ($30.46), Chris Tabaka ($24.96)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Johnny Modica ($58.65), Mike Corbett Wa ($34.67), Daniel Rone ($26.67)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Johnny Modica ($58.65), Zac Wollons ($53.79), John Miller MO ($47.68), Mike Corbett Wa ($34.67)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Mark Van Der Gugten ($85.40), Keri Wing ($54.38), Jordan Semrow ($29.73), Ian Harrower ($25.28)
Raymond Davidson ($205.21), Phil Birnbaum ($84.20), Rick Prince ($58.96), Daniel Rone ($26.67), Chris Tabaka ($24.96)
Steven Bowden ($133.89), Adam Becker ($127.52), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Johan Genberg ($41.68), John Flitton ($31.17)
Steven Bowden ($133.89), Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Zachary Frey ($24.96), ken martin ($23.63)
Steven Bowden ($133.89), Andrei Massenkoff ($126.47), John Delzoppo ($60.11), Johan Genberg ($41.68), Preston Moncla ($37.85)
Steven Bowden ($133.89), David Riel ($110.33), Karl Deangelo ($95.56), Archibald LEFEVRE ($37.09), Michi Henning ($23.13)
Steven Bowden ($133.89), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Bob Matthews ($63.31), Rod Lawrence ($27.95)
Trent Augenstein ($130.53), David Riel ($110.33), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Drew Cedolia ($44.77), Nick Zendejas ($31.79)
Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Donavan Stepp ($109.28), Jason Zahler ($73.62), Alberto Santana ($63.46), David Daluga ($23.11)
Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), Flavio Baddaria ($51.83), Eric Destasio ($45.52)
Trent Augenstein ($130.53), Robert Gagno ($102.71), Adam Mckinnie ($66.69), Jason Werdrick ($65.74), Ben Granger ($34.33)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Adam Becker ($127.52), Sebastian Bobbio ($71.52), Matt Schwab ($34.64), Michi Henning ($23.13)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Aleksander Kaczmarczyk ($81.01), Phil Grimaldi ($71.39), Bob Matthews ($63.31), Stephen Prusa ($41.10)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Cayle George ($137.75), Luke Nahorniak ($61.01), John Flitton ($31.17), Eric Strangeway ($26.88)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Colin Macalpine ($133.44), Fred Richardson ($63.74), Mike Corbett Wa ($34.67), Zachary Frey ($24.96)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Germain Mariolle ($91.05), Andy Rosa ($86.82), Keri Wing ($54.38), Carlos Delaserda ($24.56)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Jack Tadman ($82.58), Jens Flügge ($70.65), Andrew Lee ($68.72), Ed Giardina ($34.86)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), John Tomsich ($85.29), Jerry Bernard ($74.80), Gabe Da Silveira ($63.51), Adam Lefkoff ($33.21)
Zach Sharpe ($143.19), Jorian Engelbrektsson ($111.11), Dominic Kacich ($64.21), Timothy Street ($48.36), Bart Volman ($33.13)


I’m a bargain at $25.97
Worth at least $26!

I’ve got a hot tip for you guys. There’s this guy out there who has the following lifetime record against these players:

6-5 Sebastian Bobbio($71.52)
9-2 Andrew Lee($68.72)
6-3 Rick Prince($58.96)
4-1 Derek Miazga($54.07)
6-1 Robert Destasio($51.67)
79-50-1 Timothy Street($48.36)
9-4 Tim Sexton($48)
3-1-1 Brian O’Neill($47.59)

This guy is $20. Just sayin’…:wink:

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