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Episode 50:

The pinball segment covers the code update for The Walking Dead, Heighway Pinball’s announcement regarding Alien production, a discussion on TWiP’s interview with deeproot Pinball, and some happenings regarding my Pinball News article on Harry Williams, which can be read here:


Episode 51:

In pinball, we discuss Stern’s node boards/capacitors’ kits, Star Wars v1.0, the TWIPY awards, our upcoming “shame” tournament, and TPF 2018.

We’re still gathering “shame” pinball games for the next tournament, so if you want to submit any go here (instructions are at the link):


Episode 52:

The year-end review. Also, round 1 of the best “shame” pinball machine tournament is running, vote here:


We’re getting ready to order another run of shirts (orange with green logo this time), and as usual we’re going to give some away (at least four). Naturally, we’re tying it in for some (relatively) painless promotion work. :wink:

Click the link below to enter. Just entering gets your name into the randomized drawing. However, you can get more entries:
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Form includes links to all relevant locations, and what info is required for us to confirm. All actions are free of course. Limit 1 shirt per person. We’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. or bring the shirt to the Texas Pinball Festival for pick-up. Good luck!

EDIT: Post originally said 5 entries for iTunes, it’s the same as the others 1 entry (want to make sure we comply legally and all that, apologies for any confusion!)


Episode 53:

We’ve got a year-end review of Multimorphic’s P3, a bit of Alien and Stern at CES news, and round 2 of our “shame” pinball tournament.

Round 2 voting:

T-shirt giveaway:


Episode 54:

Steve Bowden guest hosts. Our pinball topics include round 3 of the “shame” tournament, Stern’s “Luci” vault edition, TWIP’s interview with deeproot Pinball, the TWIPY award results, the IFPA’s implemented $1 fee, games with rulesets fatal to tournament play (and how to fix them), and ways to attract new players to your local pinball tournaments. Big thanks to Steve for joining us and putting up with our humor.

Round 3 “shame” pinball voting here:


Oh, suggestions for questions to be asked of deeproot Pinball (the interview being scheduled to appear on our next episode) can be emailed in:


Episode 55:

The pinball segment consists of an interview I did with deeproot Pinball, followed by analysis of that interview, our final round in the “shame” tournament, Spooky’s TNA success, and Oktoberfest as a pin theme.

You can vote in the final “shame” tournament round here:


Episode 56:

Taylor (from This Flippin’ Podcast) joins in to talk pinball. We cover the results of our “shame” tournament, the Supreme pin, a Skit-B legal update, AFMr colorization issues, Ben Heck’s departure from Spooky, ways to start a pinball collection, and pinball “conventional wisdom” we disagree with.

No video games this time, too much pinball to cover.


Episode 57:

Pinball section talks about CGC pulling back from a game reveal at TPF and the break-up of Expo/addition of Pinball Palooza. I also discuss a Laser War project I helped on and a Pinball News article I co-wrote regarding Ted Zale.

Zale article:


Episode 58:

I have more echo than I should (new laptop’s mixing board setting got bumped, apologies), but hopefully the content makes up for it. We talk all about the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival.

Also, a new tournament Tony is running, The Worst of the Fall, is now active. You vote for the WORST game out of each match-up, covering the decline of pinball (1994-1999). Round 1 voting is here:


So tough.


I had to abstain on that one, I’ve never played Airborne (or even watched any footage of it). I wasn’t very fond of Viper though when we had it on location.


Episode 59:

In pinball we talk Iron Maiden (of course), Expo’s return, the Trash Talker Podcaster Bloodbath, and Round 2 of our Worst of the Fall tournament, which is now open for voting here:

Edit: Sorry that my sound is still subpar. Fixed the echo from last time but the multiple USB mics are not playing nice in the virtual mixing board and we did not have the time to fully test so I did not catch it until I was editing. We hope to have that fully resolved next episode.


Episode 60:

Ryan from Head2Head Pinball joins us for a vast array of topics. In pinball news we talk about ACNC at MGC 2018, the feature changes to JJP’s Pirates game, and an article I wrote on Atari’s failed pinball division. We follow this with a collector segment (Ryan provides his thoughts on collecting from the perspective of someone who wants well-playing games).

We then have a couple data segments built around Pinside data. The first examines game ratings based around various ownership tags. The second explores the ratio of wishlist to owned games, to understand those pins most in demand and hardest to get.

We then play a couple games. Slam the Top 101-200 and a continuation of our ongoing Worst of the Fall tournament.

You may vote in Round 3 of Worst of the Fall here:

You may vote for the winner of Slam the Top 101-200 here: