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Tough seeding for Paragon :laughing:


Episode 32:

In pinball we start with the P3 (we overlooked talking about it in the prior episode’s TPF debrief). After that is hands-on impressions with Batman 66. We then have a Dutch Pinball update, followed by an interview I did with Keri Wing (2nd place finisher of the 2017 World Women’s Pinball Championship). We then give a Skit-B (Predator pinball) legal update and end the pinball segment with the announced IFPA tournament fees for 2018.


Episode 33:

In pinball we start with a correction about the P3 game Heads Up (and talk about it some more). Then we hit on Spooky Pinball’s announced production of Total Annihilation. From there is a Skit-B legal update. The final two topics are both Pinside related; the first deals with changes to their Top 100 ranking system and the second deals with “The Purge” finally beginning (their planned response to address trolling and the negative atmosphere that surrounds some threads).


Episode 34:

Special thanks to @bkerins for serving as our guest host this episode. Episode is entirely pinball and mathematics. After some news topics we go into ways local communities can grow their competitive pinball scenes, what makes for a good/bad pin in competition, what makes for a good pinball location, a round-up of thoughts on recently released/releasing pins, and some pinball tutorial discussion.

And then math stuff. :wink:


Episode 35:

Pinball talk is a legal update on Skit-B, an update on the latest information from Dutch Pinball, talk about the Total Nuclear Annihilation translite, talk about the re-release of AC/DC, and an interview with Gerry of Multimorphic on the P3 Pinball Platform.


Episode 36:

In our pinball segment, I talk some about the Flash Baseball variant of Space Gambler. Then we hit the pinball news topics (the investor group’s impending takeover of Heighway Pinball, Dutch Pinball’s rejection of the Nivoge offer, and Stern Pinball’s Star Wars pin).


Episode 37:

Brief news updates on Heighway Pinball and Dutch Pinball (at the beginning of the episode). This is the E3 show, so most of our content is video games this go.


Episode 38:

A long pinball segment. We start with the Stern Pro Circuit. Then, we provide a summary and discussion of Dutch Pinball’s webinar and latest newsletter. Finally, we delve into Skit-B legal happenings with three hearings to review, a couple legal documents, and related news drama.


Episode 39:

The pinball segment has three topics. The first is a very brief update on Dutch Pinball. Next is a discussion of the Star Wars gameplay that was streamed by Dead Flip. Finally is an examination of Pinball Done Quick and their recently announced decision to refund donations from their latest event due to conflicts between their official sweepstakes rules and the actual approach planned to be used.


FYI, just started a ranking poll to determine the best pool-themed (billiards) pin (solid state and later). Ten choices. Just drag them around (favorite at the top). Doing it this way to better gauge rank rather than just accumulating favorites. Link:


Episode 40:

The pinball segment talks a bit about the ghosting (sorry!) provisions noted in Stern’s manuals, Total Nuclear Annihilation’s finalized announcement, my Sharkey’s Shootout project, the best billiards’ themed pinball machines, and some more thoughts on Star Wars (as I finally got a chance to play it).


Episode 41:

Pinball segment opens with results of our top billiards-themed pinball machines. Then we hit a few Stern updates (ghosting manual clause response from Stern, KISS code update, and their new Marketing Director). Then some talk about Dead Flip’s stream of Star Wars Premium. Then we get all serious with an in-depth discussion on the question “is pinball too expensive?”.


Episode 42:

Don (formerly of The Pinball Podcast) is back as a guest host for this episode. The pinball segment opens with an interview I did with Terry about his company Pinball Life (and a bit at the end regarding the ScoreGasm Master project he worked on). From there, we talk about Trudeau’s arrest (with a focus on hobby fallout since we’re a hobby podcast). Finally, we revisit the “Is Pinball Too Expensive?” question, thanks to listener feedback, and focus in on two companies that might put pressure on the lower end of the NIB market pricing spectrum: Homepin and Multimorphic.


Episode 43:

Pinball topics are a new contest, best System 11 game, and our thoughts on the Round 1 match-ups. We also talk about licensing in pinball during the 1990s, and focus on which companies had the best licenses (even if the games weren’t the greatest).

You can vote in Round 1 of the System 11 tournament here:


Episode 44:

Pinball topics are some quick news-oriented items (Heighway and Alien pins, Skit-B legal updates, and Alice Cooper art), followed by the return of JPop, Homepin’s decision to bar end users from updating code directly to its system, and Round 2 of our 2017 System 11 Tournament.

You can vote in Round 2 of the System 11 tournament here:


Episode 45:

Pinball topics are JJP #4 speculation, Heighway shipping more Alien pins, Pinapalooza VI, the latest from Project Pinball Charity, and Round 3 of our 2017 System 11 Tournament.

You can vote in Round 3 here:


Episode 46:

We talk Pinball Expo (yes, after everyone else already did). Other than that, it’s just time for Round 4 of our 2017 System 11 Tournament. You can vote here:


Episode 47:

We setup the final round of our 2017 System 11 tournament, followed by a brief update on Heighway’s Alien pin. We then discuss the Stern Guardians of the Galaxy reveal. The final part of the pinball segment is a large research piece I put together on Gottlieb’s “street level” series of games.

You can vote in the final round of the System 11 tournament here:


Episode 48:

In pinball we start with some news (songs added to Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Big Lebowski prototypes, and the latest on Alien production). After that we do some updating regarding our last “street level” segment and an article I wrote on the topic for Pinball News ( Finally, we conclude our 2017 System 11 Tournament, and talk about our personal Top 5 pins from that assortment of 30.


Episode 49:

We don’t normally release this quickly, but a guest was in town and we’ve done an entire episode just about EM pinball machines (major manufacturers, major gameplay styles, IPDB and Pinside’s Top 10 list, favorite games, and restoration discussion).

Sound quality is lower than normal (mainly volume issues). We ended up having to record with just one microphone, and that always presents challenges.