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Episode 65:

Tony and Dennis are joined by Martin (of Head2Head Pinball).

Pinball: In pinball news, the guys discuss Dutch Pinball’s GoFundMe announcement, the U.S. Supreme Court’s sales tax decision and how it will impact new pinball sales, and This Week in Pinball’s giant information update on deeproot Pinball.

After that, Martin talks about streaming pinball for an audience, and gives his thoughts on what makes for good competitive pinball events.

Video Games: Discussion starts around VR (virtual reality) and whether it will become a mainstream thing. After that, Martin, Tony, and Dennis talk about their favorite console video games, going over all eight generations released.

Head2Head Pinball:

Melbourne Silverball League:

This Week in Pinball’s Deeproot Coverage on 6/28/2018:


Episode 66:

Tony and Dennis are joined by Mrs. Pin (of Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast).

Pinball: In pinball news, the gang discusses CPR’s new digital printing approach to creating reproductions, the launched GoFundMe to help Dutch Pinball, and beginner’s guide to manufacturers Dennis put together for This Week in Pinball.

After that, Mrs. Pin challenges Tony and Dennis to a game of pinball trivia! Dennis follows this with a sort of mini-update to Premier’s `street level’ series of games by talking about BOM differences between the first game (Silver Slugger) and the last (Hoops). Finally, everyone talks about the most fun elements to pinball.

Video Games: Mrs. Pin brings her WOMP philosophy to the video game arena, and each host picks two women worthy of the title.

Mrs. Pin’s Pinball Podcast:

A Beginner’s Guide to Manufacturers:


Episode 67:

Tony and Dennis were not at Pinburgh 2018, and so while all the other podcasts flood you with their bad beats and long monologues about each and every tournament game they played, we’ll talk about other stuff!

Pinball: In pinball news, Pinburgh is (very) briefly touched on. After that, the guys discuss Multimorphic fulfilling all their P3 preorders, Jersey Jack Pinball starting production of their Pirates of the Caribbean pin, Team Pinball emerging as a new pinball manufacturer with their first game: The Mafia, Stern Pinball acquiring the Godzilla license, Chicago Gaming Company finally announcing Monster Bash as their next remake, and the latest from Dutch Pinball.

After the news, Dennis talks a bit about an experimental video project he did called Creative Pinball Rules. The pinball segment concludes with a game of 20 questions (where Dennis tries to stump Tony in identifying a pinball machine).

Video Games: This segment begins with a discussion of the first season of the Overwatch League (what did and didn’t work). Dennis then runs through a number of games he’s been playing (Prey, The Evil Within 2, Dead Rising 4, Dragonball FighterZ, and Everspace). Finally, Tony discusses the update to No Man’s Sky.

Pinball News article on Team Pinball:

The Dragon’s Tomb (tabletop videos):

Creative Pinball Rules: Superman (Atari 1979):


Episode 68 - Pinball Drama the Pinball Machine!:

Pinball: In the news, Tony and Dennis discuss Stern Pinball’s Deadpool reveal, more about the Spooky Pinball vs. Stern Pinball Godzilla drama, the Spooky Pinball stream of Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle on Deadflip, and the announcement that the Pinball Hall of Fame is moving.

After the news, Dennis tries to stump Tony with a pinball game of 20 Questions. The pinball segment concludes with a thought experiment put together by Tony: Pinball Drama the Pinball Machine!

Video Games: The segment opens with the guys discussing words and phrases that had a context (at some point) but are now widely used when playing video games. The segment ends with a discussion of Shadow of War.

Episode 8 of This Week in Pinball Podcast:

Gaming on Ten Minutes a Week:

Deadpool Pinball Teaser Video:

This Week in Pinball’s Summary of Spooky-Stern Godzilla Situation:

Pinball Hall of Fame:


Episode 69 - The MEEP with a Mouth:

Pinball: In the news, Tony and Dennis talk about their experience playing Stern Pinball’s Deadpool game, Jersey Jack Pinball shipping Pirates of the Caribbean, conflict between Homepin and some preorder customers, and Paul Faris joining deeproot Pinball.

After the news, Dennis and Tony play 20 Questions. This time both Tony and Dennis get asked to guess a pinball machine (double the madness!).

Video Games: This segment focuses on discussing the mobile game DR. MEEP and the latest Overwatch animated short.

Episode 10 of This Week in Pinball Podcast:


Gambling, Pingames, & Manufacturer Perspectives article:

Dead Flip archive footage of Deadpool Pro gameplay reveal:

This Week in Pinball’s deep dive on Deadpool Pinball:


Episode 70 - Jason Joins the Fray:

Jason Knapp, of the Knapp Arcade Facebook group, joins the show as a guest host!

Pinball: In the news, the guys talk about two pinball articles Dennis wrote, Spooky Pinball’s announcement of an approaching pause in Total Nuclear Annihilation production, and Deadflip’s gameplay reveal of Stern Pinball’s Deadpool Premium.

After the news, several pinball topics are tackled. There is a discussion of what makes for good location pinball, what are good pinball mods, and what goes into buying and selling pins. Finally, Jason is challenged to a game of 20 questions!

Video Games: In video games, the guys discuss Zen Studios acquiring the WMS licenses for digital pinball, Pinball Arcade’s release of Big Buck Hunter Pro and Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons, and thoughts on retro/mini consoles like the Neo Geo Mini.

Knapp Arcade on Facebook:

Special When Lit Pinball Podcast:

This Week in Pinball Podcast-Episode 13:

Beginner’s guide to pinball designers:

Article on “middle-pop” pinball machines:

Deadflip’s Deadpool Premium footage:

Neo Geo Mini review: