DO OR DIE: A competitive pinball podcast!

That it is.

kinda had the same… went for Mummy 3 shots away instead of post passing to get a quick 15m award :slight_smile: live and learn!

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This episode features a special guest appearance!


Just wanted to say this podcast is awesome, I caught up before City Champ 8 and I felt it really helped my mindset going into it. It was also the first time I’ve ever made the cut at a multi-day tournament so clearly this podcast works. :wink:

I was too shy to fanboy with you @Theguyoverthere when you were talking to Johnny, but thanks for doing this. Looking forward to the City Champ episode!


Thanks for the kind words Binkley! Speaking of City Champ… the episode is finally here!

Grab it HERE!


I’m alive! New episode!


I came late to the party, but I like it too!
It is always interesting to hear how the best players think, strategize and handle different situations.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Glad you touched on TSPP in the last episode. I need help on that game in the worst way. Even though it’s not common in tournaments.

I’m almost caught up, and the podcast is fantastic. @Theguyoverthere, thank you for doing this and sharing your insights. I’m very much a hands on and audio learner and there are so many games I have no plan for because I don’t get to play them often if ever. So being able to hear you breakdown basic game plans on machines in such a clear way works really well for me. Now I at least have an idea of what to be on the look out for and that’s so much better than walking up to a machine blind.


Part 1 of Pinburgh is up!


Part 2 of Pinburgh!


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