DO OR DIE: A competitive pinball podcast!


It’s me, Raymond, doing a pinball podcast! Just when you thought there weren’t enough already!

This podcast is all about the fun of competitive pinball aimed to keep you up to date on the latest tournament happenings, as well as a play-by-play account of any recent tournaments I’ve been at, with commentary on things I did well / could have done better / etc. to really get an inside look at the mind of a competitive pinball player.

My first episode is now live here! I’m still brand new at this, so bear with me as I figure out how to get the whole podcatcher RSS feed, iTunes podcast stuff sorted out. For now, you can just catch the episode directly hosted online at that link.

Thoughts and feedback are welcomed :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy!

Show outline for this ep:

  • Pinmasters
  • Circuit update
  • Black Knight and Munsters
  • Upcoming tournaments

Update: I made this RSS feed no idea what I’m doing! I submitted for iTunes so we’ll see how that goes


Nicely done. Good sound quality, great content. Looking forward to more.


Haven’t listened yet, but so glad you’re doing this! There is definitely a spot for a podcast all about competitive pinball. I want to follow this stuff, but my choices are currently: watch a 10 hour stream, look at the final standings (at which point I’m unlikely to ever go back and watch the stream), or accidentally have the winner spoiled in passing by some other podcast I listen to.


Sweet! I’ll be listening for sure!


I wonder if Dason Johnson is watching his analytics and saw a huge spike as people try to find this on stitcher and such.


Not enough like this! Subscribed.


I just submitted it successfully to Pocket Casts using their online form. Not sure who else might use this app, but I do. Hasn’t shown up on my app yet.


Awesome! Looking forward to subscribing when it’s good to go. Have been looking for more competition focused content lately too.


I don’t want to derail, but I’ll mention there’s another one in the works :slight_smile:


Ray Day, you are right. It sometimes seems there are way too many. However, this is one I will surely check out. Thanks for doing it!





I added one linked in the opening post, but I have no idea if it’s done correctly or not. It passed Apple’s validation but besides that please let me know if I’m missing any crucial tags!


ah, darn, didn’t see the update. Loaded into podcast republic fine.

will be fun juggling listening to this while trying to watch the streams first since I’m always busy when they happen.


I was able to copy & paste the rss link to add it to my android app (Podcast Addict), so it looks like you did it correctly.


Tried a search in Apples podcast app, but it’s not showing up yet.


Thanks for the shout-out re: Star Wars in Pin-Masters finals. Credit for where I first heard about using Leia goes to Jack Danger. Amy Kesting and I also discussed it during qualifying based on some tips she had messaged to her from someone in Ohio. But I didn’t have the courage to use it during qualifying rounds because I hadn’t ever tried it myself.

Then, during our semifinals game together, I watched @Steveo do his 30 seconds of practice using Leia, and he nearly got the score target in just a few shots during practice. So Leia became my new best friend. :slight_smile: Interestingly enough, even after seeing the power of Leia, Escher stuck with his plan of using Han/tie fighter/Video Mode/Hoth rather than switching to Leia – although not too surprising when you consider he had a 1 and a 4 on SW during qualifying.


We were screaming leia from the hilltops throughout the chat on the stream. If there was ever a time where Leia was a viable option, it was this event.

We all played in @PinballNarcissist ‘s amazing race tournament last year and pretty much all the southern OH and NKY players learned it together that day from Amy and Carlos I think.

Good for a quick easy 200 mil. Less than 8 shots I think. Don’t even need to start a mode.


It is still “under review” by Apple… apparently it takes a few days for them to review it and approve it.

Yeah, that Leia strat was amazing! I had never had any success with her when playing for fun becuase I assumed “strong in missions” meant her mode scores were higher… yet I never noticed any significant higher mode scores. It’s the LIGHT MODE scores that are higher… for some reason. Man someone needs to crack the code on those points for lightning modes… I swear sometimes it’s like 25k and sometimes it’s like 25 mil!


I enjoyed the firsts episode. Looking forward to it getting approved by Apple.


Great job, especially for a debut episode. Well spoken, informative, concise. I have no idea how to get a podcast on Stitcher, but if that’s an easy thing to do, then I hereby look a gift horse in the mouth and request it.