DO OR DIE: A competitive pinball podcast!

When is episode 2? :grinning:

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I envision grandpa Shivers (retired host of C2C :rofl: ) nodding with approval in his rocking chair.

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Thanks, Raymond. I will be subscribing. Can you be sensitive about Spoiler Alerts? Maybe put the timecodes to skip in the notes? I like to watch youtube tournament videos after the event without knowing the outcome, as if I were watching it live.


I think the podcast description is your spoiler alert. Might be good to just watch the video first. I don’t watch SportsCenter when I have an NBA game recorded.


Cool, will subscribe. And I am also reminded how many times I’ve failed to get Do or Die on IM to date. Sigh.

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From Raymond’s description I thought it was more than just pinball events but if that is not the case then I take your point.

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I added your RSS feed to Player FM for android devices so if anyone is using that you should just be able to search by name now.


Next episode is up! Grab it at the podcast home page! (WIP) Or, click here, or, refresh your podcatcher!

You can also now send us mail at! Woohoo!
Episode outline:

  • SPL tournament
    – Frankenstein
    – 24
    – Transformers
    – Munsters
    – Meteor
    – High Speed

  • PAPA Void

  • Upcoming

  • Random Rules Minutia featuring Walking Dead


Thanks for the podcast. Any luck with getting the podcast added to Apple podcasts?

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Nope, they rejected me five days after I submitted due to posting “test content” … whatever that means. I resubmitted so hopefully they will approve this time but damn they are slow

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Did you change anything in recording episode 2? There seemed to be more compression artifacts on the audio, but I can’t really tell because I am listening at 1.5x. It was still acceptable, but not perfectly clear. Maybe it is just me because my sinuses are infected and everything is weird.

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I don’t think so? Recorded it the same way, but I do think I plan on investing in a good microphone for future episodes. Right now it’s just the laptop’s built-in mic, so I could see how on double speed it could not be as clear.

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Holy crap! Apple approved the podcast just now!




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New episode is up! Refresh yo’ feed or find it directly here!

Episode outline:

  • 420 tournament
    – Tournament format
    – Round by round with games such as Iron Maiden, Addams Family, Nitro Groundshaker, Guardians of the Galaxy and more!

I like the event recap format and especially hearing why you made certain in game decisions and when. I don’t really listen to a lot of pinball podcasts, but this was enjoyable from start to finish.


I guess our AFM game wasn’t quite as dramatic as the GoTG :smiley:

But he left out the part of who got the WOZ. :slight_smile:

This was in my opinion the best episode so far. It is most interesting to get those little glimpses of the thought processes of a top player. Getting into that good mindset on demand as Raymond mentioned is something you can practice, I don’t know if anyone can do it 100% of the time though.

And regarding TAF does the Thing ramp really light your modes? I always thought it was the big ramps only.