Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Pinbot: Once you drop the visor, any subsequent hits to the target banks will count towards progress the NEXT time you need to drop the visor. So if you start multiball and re-lock a ball, you can use that time to safely beat up on the two target banks to help progress towards your next multiball. Even before you start multiball, shots to the side bank will be carried over. These hits do not compromise your chance to take down the visor in one shot once multiball ends. But if you don’t manage to drop the visor in one shot, these previous hits will be recounted.


I think that’s operator adjustable, adjustment 36 Chest memory. Default is Yes.PIN-BOTchestMem


That straight up resets the chest at end of ball. @JSwain has the Sanctum Pin*Bot set up that way and YOU BETTER NOT MISS THE FLASHING LINE SHOT.

Jack*Bot strategies are highly recommended in case of that setting being off.





I was under the impression that setting just restarted visor progress at the start of each ball, as was mentioned by @ScoutPilgrim . However, next time I’m at my Pinbot (it’s on location) I’ll pull the glass and double check each setting.


Confirmed: Adjustment 36 does NOT effect target progress carrying over from one visor to the next. Only from one ball to the next.


Corvette: scoring a jackpot during the main multiball grace period does not disqualify the pity multiball restart.


Lord of the Rings: you can carry Gollum Multiball between the various movie multiballs as long as you quickly start the new movie multiball before the grace period ends.


On Attack from Mars, if you start Rule the Universe while one or more Hurry-Ups are active, they will instantly be collected before the mode starts.

Jack*Bot has a similar feature where you can collect timed features like Double or Nothing or Solar Jets by starting Multiball or Casino Run, but this is common knowledge AFAIK.


The best version of this is starting Battle for the Kingdom while Royal Madness is running to instantly beat it


In TWD, if it’s set up hard you want to make sure you get the skillshots. Many TWD rejects the plunge and fumble in the pops, bye bye skillshot.

What I found useful is to do a very soft plunge just off the switch, and the machine will auto-plunge the skillshot for you. Time it right and you’ll get the rollovers as well. Less chance of rejecting; and every points matter in a game of TWD.


What!? I love MM and I love finding silly objectives on it to amuse myself. You just made my Medieval Madness year.

Edit to add: Go Huskies! And as a deep cut of non-useful pinball information I almost didn’t graduate from UW because in my senior year I found a Medieval Madness tucked under a stairwell in the student union that was set to free-play.


You can also complete Trolls! by starting Battle for the Kingdom, which will qualify Troll Madness instantly for when BftK ends. Something worth noting about completing Royal Madness through starting BftK is that it actually awards all the points you would’ve otherwise obtained from that mode, ALONG with the Extra Ball.


Starting Alien Invasion in TSPP will collect any active hurry-ups or Victory Laps, and it may do other things that I’m not aware of. The downside is that it ends all timed modes, including D’Oh Frenzy, the Victory Laps, and double scoring shots.


Yeah, I once got excited when I had TSPP Alien Invasion ready to go and I had Otto, Garage, and Living Room all actively doubled, but noted that the 2x flashing inserts went solid when AI started.


It also insta-collects a large amount of each running thing, including (I think) 10 victory laps.

So if you do get there with Victory Laps running, it’s a cool balance between cashing out and trying to find other ways to continue (such as another Otto or even a mystery award time extension).


Starship Troopers: Quickplunging shooter-lane balls before they’re autolaunched during Nuke Multiball will score the right orbit nuke jackpot. Pretty sure you have to plunge them all the way around… Note that this does NOT work during Live Fire or Orbit multiballs.


Airballs into the lock on Aerosmith do not count for skill shots. Balls must be plunged on the ground and go in from the back.


Specifically, they must trigger the right orbit switch.

I only found this out last night, as I’m in the process of writing a comprehensive AS rule sheet


The right outlane post save on Sharkey’s Shootout can launch the ball back into the shooter lane; doing so gives you a “Takeoff Bonus” (I think that’s the name) and some points.