Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


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Discovered unintentionally this weekend on AFM: if you’ve qualified your roving Super Jackpot and then drain out of multiball, you can start Strobe Multiball (via SOL at scoop) and collect your SJP in the safety of Strobe Multiball. Presumably, the SJP was still on its timer – the Strobe DMD had relegated the SJP timer to the background.


I believe if you start Martian multiball during this time it will resurrect your multiball!

Last night I had a situation with roving last chance super and regular multiball lit… missed and drained of course but I wonder what would have happened …


Starting Martian Attack MB during the grace period and scoring the SJ will indeed resurrect regular multiball and add it to MA multiball.

Also, you can start MA jiggly mode, then keep collecting SOL awards; it WILL eventually give you Strobe if it hasn’t been played yet, and you can then finish MA mode and stack it with Strobe.

Never had all three at once; don’t think the game will award Strobe during a SJ grace period.


Something I found by accident:

On Demolition Man, if you shoot from the right flipper up the left inlane and into the saucer, you get a Huxley Award for a cool 10M.


If you complete 100 hits to the center target bank during Strobe Multiball on Attack from Mars, each target hit will be worth 250 million for the rest of the Multiball.

Absolutely not worth going for but hey, it’s still kinda cool. 4 target hits give you a billion.


You…did this?


If you Plunder a player on JJPOTC, their next MAP award will be the same Plunder enacted on them.


Found a good one tonight on Jurassic Park. Had 1 hit to go to start TRI Ball, started Super Egg via Mr.DNA. Hit Raptor shot and Mball started. Hit a ramp got a jackpot but no CHAOS letters lit up. Hit Egg a few times for 5million points each. Mode ended when got down to 1 ball, and Mball was available after one hit again. Started Mball and game acted like normal.


If you are in Strobe, there is nothing else to go for, so it is worth going for, just not very likely to get there.


Quick Plunge Skill Shots on WOF. Outside of the normal skill shot, the Toss-Up switch awards 1M, increasing by 250K to a maximum of 2.5M per switch hit.


Can you explain this? To me, Toss Up
is shooting the lock as stage 2 of the skill shot, only if you happened to make the turnaround portion of the plunge.


It’s plunging an autolaunched ball (either from a ball save, Free Spin, or multiball start) into the turnaround.


If you want to spice things up a little, bring in Martian Attack multiball by finishing off the targets to start it during Strobe.


On RBION, North America is actually more valuable than the other two MB continents (Africa and Antarctica) because it’s the only one where you can raise the JP value (via pop hits). A couple trips up to the pops makes for a pretty significant difference in scoring.

Note that this could be a quirk of the ROM version at my location (always seemed strange to me that only one of them had a way to raise the JP value).


When playing a Munster’s that has a ball saver turned on, if you are plunging a ball and Munster Madness is ready to go, there will be NO ball saver.


Wow another senseless rule in that game.


That one has bit me more than once. Probably meant to keep you from getting 7X running before starting MM.

Along the same lines, if you’re used to playing a Munsters with the ball saver turned on, remember it might not be turned on on a different game. This dumb mistake costed me the final game of a match in league playoffs recently. Player 1 finishes ball 3 with about 7M. I step up to ball 3 with 5M, soft plunge and it drains SDTM, measly bonus collected, I lose. Didn’t think to see if was turned on during balls 1 or 2. Don’t make this mistake. From what I gather, many operators are turning on the ball saver.


In Total Nuclear Annihilation, if you drain down to 1 ball out of multiball and any inline drop targets are down (because you shot them for jackpots), they do not reset as 1-ball play starts. This can make getting your next multiball significantly easier.


Deadpool: As long as the ball is locked behind the drop targets for Lil Deadpool MB, you can qualify and start a Battle (but not a Quest).