Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


glares at star wars


Don’t think I’ve seen this posted anywhere, so I’ll drop it in here. If you make all three different skill shots on Starship Troopers - - #1, the top hole [must hold in left flipper and lob the plunge]; #2, immediate right ramp [also must hold in the left flipper, full plunge], and top lit lane [normal plunge], then it lights the nuke saucer for an Extra Ball.


Iron Maiden: During Cyborg mb with 3 balls in play, if you haven’t exhausted your 2 add-a-balls at the Orb standup and the REVIVE outlanes are not lit, lay off hitting the lit Orb standup target until you have them lit.




You have the safety of an add a ball and can use the safety to light Revive/milk points on the base cyborg Jackpot, which can be built at any time.

Risky, but definitely profitable!


oh, i assumed there was something deeper there


During Choose Your Battle on Game of Thrones, induce a tilt warning to cancel without losing the ability to choose again.

Forgot to throw that here!

Deadpool Rulesheet

Wow. This could come in handy.


Baywatch multiball does have a restart. I found this out the hard way today in INDISC finals when almost every single ball in my multiball bounced straight into the right outlane. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


During the multiball restart animation you can hit the launch button a few times to “drown Kevin”


Want to know how many weapons your scoop is worth on Deadpool? Just look for the little guy next to your weapon count!


It’s actually possible to stack Juggler and Neon Multiball on Cirqus Voltaire, but it requires a bit of luck. If the third lock for Juggler Multiball also collects a Side Show award, and it awards you Neon Multiball, both modes will stack on top of each other, making it easier to potentially light the Extra Ball from Neon Multiball. If Voltaire’s Super Jackpot is collected at the end of the stack, and you have only one WOW completion left to light the Extra Ball, it’ll light it for you. I’ve only done this once but my god is it satisfying.


Something I see a lot of people miss on batman 66 is the multiball multiplier. After answering the phone to start a major villain, if you hit the Gordon target twice before making any mode shots you will be awarded a total of x4 bonus (x2 per hit) and x2 villain multiball. It gets interesting when you play through a villain after doing this without starting multiball, if you do the same two shots on the next villain then multiball will be x3. I have yet to check if or what the limit is on this.


It’s probably cause no one knows about it. Haha. Thanks for sharing!


Another good one from batman 66. Gadgets (action button) can be used to open the lock diverter to enable a lock from both the plunge lane or when the ball kicks out of the top saucer. Super handy when you want to carry a minor villain into multiball and you have two balls already locked.


It’s actually possible to stack all 5 multiballs on CV. Presumably everyone knows about the Highwire + Strike an Arc stack… then you bring a Ringmaster MB into it. When you drain down to one ball, during grace period, if you shoot the left orbit and have Juggler ready and get lucky with Neon as you describe, you can revive the other 3 MB’s and have them all running. Machine goes absolutely bonkers.


… and don’t forget to pick up Voltaire’s Multiple Jackpots on the way out :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s “possible”, but the best I’ve managed is 4 stacked in many years of playing this game. For me, Neon Multiball is Bigfoot riding a Unicorn on their way to meet Elvis-I rarely see it, period :slight_smile:


This, I never knew. I had heard rumors about the Highwire / Juggler stack for a while but I never knew it could be done.


If the Cellar on Whirlwind is temporarily lit from the right inlane, there is about a 1-second grace period after it unlights to still collect it. Worth knowing on our local WW as it’s just enough time to transfer to the left and backhand it.