Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


glares at star wars


Don’t think I’ve seen this posted anywhere, so I’ll drop it in here. If you make all three different skill shots on Starship Troopers - - #1, the top hole [must hold in left flipper and lob the plunge]; #2, immediate right ramp [also must hold in the left flipper, full plunge], and top lit lane [normal plunge], then it lights the nuke saucer for an Extra Ball.


Iron Maiden: During Cyborg mb with 3 balls in play, if you haven’t exhausted your 2 add-a-balls at the Orb standup and the REVIVE outlanes are not lit, lay off hitting the lit Orb standup target until you have them lit.




You have the safety of an add a ball and can use the safety to light Revive/milk points on the base cyborg Jackpot, which can be built at any time.

Risky, but definitely profitable!


oh, i assumed there was something deeper there


During Choose Your Battle on Game of Thrones, induce a tilt warning to cancel without losing the ability to choose again.

Forgot to throw that here!

Deadpool Rulesheet

Wow. This could come in handy.