Deadpool Pinball

Stern and Marvel announced the Deadpool Pinball Machine - full details and photos here:


Looks great. And damn, Stern pulling out all the stops with the soundtrack.

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Ricochet ramp shot sounds cool.

Neat that they got Nolan North (Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series) reprising his Deadpool role here. Game looks like fun!

Don’t forget Capt. Martin Walker (Spec Ops: The Line), AKA the one true Captain Walker. Sorry, Tommy.


Please let the supreme sound effects live on in this game through the code updates. I love them, it’s meta, they are perfect, and they make me think fondly of sunshine laundromat. That is all. :rofl::heart_eyes:

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Does anyone have suggestions on how to adjust an ornery katana ramp? For the one we have in league, it’s basically impossible to make the shot - the ball goes around the loop part and rattles before ever making it up the ramp. The only way I’ve ever hit is from a right orbit -> fast reflex shot to slam it up the loop/ramp.

The game is fun, but it’s highly disappointing to have an entire shot (and everything you can earn from it) completely bricked because of a physical problem.

This guy had a post about a change he made on the upper part of the lower ramp:

Hope that helps

Thanks for that. I suspected the fix might be to bend a rail somewhere. Frustrating that Stern would design a shot like this with such a high potential for problems.

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The shot just doesn’t work consistently. It’s never going to be reliable, but maybe some tweaks can make it better. I think we just have to accept it’s a crapshoot and play with and around it. It’s less frustrating to view it that way.

I’ve only played the Pro on location in SF. It had just been put on the floor at Alamo Drafthouse and it seemed to hit the shot fairly consistently for me. I’m not a great player, so I’m not good enough to know when a shot “should” or “should not” go up a ramp, but my opinion at the time was that when I missed the shot it was due to not being accurate and rattling on the lower ramp. When I hit the lower ramp smoothly, it made it’s way onto the katana 100% of the time. I can totally see where a game on location would fall a bit out of balance though and lead to frustrating misses.

A HUO machine, properly set up, should be okay, though… That last part is wishful thinking from a guy that blindly preordered an LE, so…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just seeing the first looks at the playfield design, I could tell that in a month that ramp would be unhittable on most route machines. I actually enjoy Deadpool; I think it’s a fast, fun game, with cool rules. But from a competitive perspective, I’m pessimistic about its longevity. (Although, I think @Jerol is right that a HUO or well maintained machine should be fine if it’s brought out for events. It really comes down to, is Stern designing for collectors or route operators, and it’s clearly the former.)


The really frustrating part is the machine in question for me is a NIB Deadpool that had only been owned for about a week. So we’re talking about a game with a bricked shot, out of the box.

It’s certainly a cool shot when it works, and I have no doubt that comp machines will be tweaked to make it work consistently enough. This is right on the heels of Iron Maiden and its plunger lane adjustments to make the multiball ball-staging work and not brick off the bottom of the orbit. It just feels like Stern isn’t consdering less-than-perfect setups when designing playfield physics - Star Wars, X-Men, Star Trek, all have problems.

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(whispers) new code just dropped…

Speaking of software updates –

Is there a known issue with running an update from a version to the same version? Through a series of unfortunate events, we ran an update on a machine with 0.82, upgrading to 0.82, and toasted the SD card. That particular card will now only boot to the code update interface (regardless of whether a USB stick is present). In a fit of desperation, we ended up pulling the SD out of Star Wars, and ran a code update to DeadPool 0.82. That managed to get us to a working Dead Pool (though left SW offline for the time being).

Is this a known issue that 0.82->0.82 might render the SD unbootable?

I don’t think what you described is a known issue (at least I don’t think I’ve heard of this particular issue, maybe someone else has) Having an SD card fry itself IS a known issue, sometimes you just get a bad card from a batch. I’ve had a few crap out on me (GoT, twice, and TWD) You can call Stern and they will ship you a new card with the latest software already installed.
In theory, you could copy the contents of the working card to a desktop, then copy the entire thing to a new SD card, and you should be back in business. Just make sure it’s the same card Stern uses.
I asked Stern tech support if this was possible, and they said it should be possible, but it would be much easier to get a new card from them.


The copy via desktop seems to work – we took the working deadpool-formerly-starwars card and made a backup via dd, then wrote that image out to a fresh SD. We ended up using a different, somewhat larger card for the time being, and it appears to boot without issue.

Nice. Two working pins are always better than one. Glad that worked out for you.

Haven’t played one yet but my bro played the one at Alamo and the one at Gestalt and he said the shot is much easier on the one at Alamo. Sounds like it varies from game to game.

Assuming the games are all level left-right, how are the pitches set up? Does the quality of the ramp shot coincide with abnormal pitch across the games… possibly too steep messes it up?