Competition Install Cheatsheet

Talk to your local operator if you see a pin with tournament mode buttons. To my understanding, this button is not intended for general tournament play, but rather is intended to be a passive tournament mode. Rather than playing a tournament in one night, you pay extra and play tournament mode to get your hightst score. When the passive tournament ends (at the end of the week, or end of the month), you go see the operator and you get a chunk of cash if you won. This button accomplishs nothing good if there is no actual running tournament, (you just pay more and lose extra balls).

Welcome to Tilt. That last part isn’t correct. If there isn’t a TOPs tournament running, it won’t allow you to start a tournament game. Button does nothing.

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The original post is wikified, and I filled it in with some initial info. Please feel free to reformat it to make it actually helpful. My memory is fuzzy on a lot of these, plz correct as appropriate :slight_smile:

Also, holy cow, Comp Install changes a ton on TWD…! I knew about the basic stuff like not lighting modes during MB, but it makes a lot of the multi-kills harder/disabled as well.

I’ll see your TWD and raise you a GOT. Haha. I’ll add that when I get my game back this weekend.

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I attempted to add Avengers, but rage quit trying to figure out the mythical behavior of the spacing of bullet points to match the rest of the document…


I would not attempt editing the document without the Space gem. :slight_smile:

Some of the early “dinger” SS games may award 50,000 for both EB and Special. Mata Hari does for sure.

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