Clarification on rules for self submitted scores

What exactly are the rules involved with letting players submit their own scores? Are selfie leagues still allowed? Can a regular league have a night be cancelled and request players submit selfie scores by the time of the next meet?
Thanks in advance!!#

Are you talking from an IFPA perspective?

From our Perspective selfie leagues are “fine” you just get no TGP value for any games played where the only verification of the game played is the selfie.

You only get credit for TGP in a “Selfie” scenario if a TD is on site and available to verify the score and rule on any malfunctions.

I’m talking about the ifpas perspective. Our tds current plan is to have league members play when they want and submit scores via email.

As @PressStart said, games submitted as a selfie cannot be used for TGP purposes. So, scores for your league can be submitted as selfies…but you will be at 0% TGP until scores start being recorded in person by the director (perhaps for your finals?).

This is mid season. The other two meets have had a director on hand. From what I’ve gathered, this week will not contribute to this seasons overall value, and we’ll just skip right to week four ( the finals)?

Correct. Basically this week would contribute nothing to TGP, but all the rest will count.

So our season will look like this:
First week: counts towards TGP and finals seeding.
Second week: same as first.
Third week: cannot be used towards this season’s TGP but can be used for finals seeding.
Fourth week: finals

Tournament value 3/4 of its normal value??

Close. Not necessarily 3/4 – could be more, could be less. You simply lose the 5 TGP from Week 3’s five games that get played as self-submitting. If you had 25 total TGP as part of the format, then you only lose 1/5 of the normal value.

Alternatively, you could reschedule it for another evening, and allow those that can’t attend the rescheduled meet to use that week as their “drop” games.

Thanks. I’ll suggest the reschedule!!

We play fifteen regulAR season matches (five per night)

Then a potentially four game playoff followed by a four game finals.

WPPR 5.5 - Bring back guaranteed 25 point main / 12.5 side :wink:

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I just had a tournament with me and my 4 dogs, 25 WPPRS! :smiley:

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Give us more specific details on your format. Depending on the number of players in your games, and the finals format, you’re probably already set in terms of TGP, even without Week 4.

If you’re playing four player games each week, and five games per night, your TGP is already at 25+ games after three weeks (15 games * 2 (because they’re four player games)).

Each meet we’re divided into two groups. All players in a group play the same five games, scoring 100-99- etc. Players are then ranked according to their total score across all five games. We keep the highest ten scores of a players fifteen possible games over the course of the three week regular season and use those for finals seeding.
Finals format is a ladder. Top 8 or so (varies by total number of players) are A division. Lowest four play single elimination until final four. Final four play a four game match, 4-2-1-0 scoring.

This month weather issues happened both week 1 and week 3. So a few of the week one and most of the week 3 scores are self submitted. I don’t know how many games will count towards TGP.

I would think that given the norm for this long-running and long-standing event (every month for 2 years now? ) is games played in a typical fashion with a league official on site, that for this rare weather instance, an exception could possibly be made. But that’s up to IFPA & @pinwizj

What are you calculating the TGP at today, can you walk through the justification?

Is it fair that I haven’t read any of this, but that when I see “an exception could possibly be made” I just want to say “HELL NO!” :slight_smile:

I know leagues that have pre-play scores, post-play scores, and other absentee rules. We’re typically pretty relaxed on whatever leagues do for those rules, compared to say a “Herb style open tournament” where there’s unverified play that represents the entire qualifying process.

@Law has been calculating it, I’ll have to ask him before I submit results. From my rudimentary knowledge I’d submit this month as five counting games for regular season (x2 for four+ player groups) and four for finals (x2 for four player groups). Would the ladder matches to make the final four count? That would be an additional three or four games with four player groups.

From your description it sounds like league nights are played against the field (well half field), not direct play in 4p group, so I wouldn’t think it would get the 2x. I think the finals are 8 games because of 8-11 person ladder in 4p groups, but the fact you play 4 games with final 4 doesn’t help. Either way though, the league play part is a significant part of your TGP.

You have 4 dogs?!? Lucky…

Under normal circumstances:

10 meaningful games for the first three weeks- 15 game high score seeding with five drops.

8 meaningful games for 8-10 person ladder semifinals, four player matchplay games, one player eliminated per round.

8 meaningful games for 4-player 4-game finals.

We didn’t used to do the drops for the first three weeks but did it for a conflict on fourth of July last year and it was popular and didn’t impact tgp or the standings on a meaningful way.

This past week was pretty exceptional circumstances- we had snow, sleet, and a quarter inch of ice in many areas of Austin. Most bridges in the city were closed. Pretty unusual and very dangerous. There were still a handful of players there at the normal league time with an official in attendance but most scores will be self-submitted. Better to cost someone a wppr or two than encourage people to come out and have anything bad happen.