Chicago Expo 2017 Flip Out Tournament

Woot! Thanks to Trentaur for a pic of the bracket last year . …


Will the chair kicking competition be live streamed?


For those attending, there will be digital queues for Classics and “on-deck” push notifications! To utilize push notifications you must:

  1. Download “Pushover” from the App Store or Google Play. A 7 day trial is included for free.
  • This will be how DTM pushes notifications from here on out so if you like getting them, you’ll have to suck it up and pay the $5 license fee at the next tournament.
  1. Create a Pushover account via the app.
  2. Once you are at the Expo tournament and have your Player ID and PIN, login to DTM.
  3. Open up any Classics queue, click the “Subscribe with Pushover” link then follow the prompts to subscribe to notifications.
  • Notification subscriptions will only be for the Expo Classics tournament, and only sent when you are up next on a game.

Simply brilliant way to get some well deserved compensation for all the hard work you do on the software. Bravo!

I guess I should add that the license fee doesn’t go to me at all, but the Pushover app developers. It’d be nice if it did, but I’m still FREEEEEEEEE :smiley:

This app was the best and most reliable way I could find to send out universal notifications via a web application.


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Boooooooo. I feel you SHOULD receive compensation for the awesome tool you provide to the competitive pinball community.


Batman or Batman '66 in the bank? :slight_smile:

From those early scores, I think it’s safe to assume B66. Unless everyone is going Batmobile hurry-up all-day on BDK. :wink:

But that must be a friendly-playing B66 to have those kind of early scores on players’ first attempts. Wow.

haha yeah i saw the score after and thought the same :wink:

For the past few years, Trent really hasn’t set them up too differently from what he would put on location…which are fairly friendly

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Is there a digital version of the mural-sized bracket being updated anywhere? (google sheet, etc)

Just added them to the DTM page,

Or go here: /


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wait? is the spreadsheet not updated or are they still only playing semi finals in the winner side?

I’m assuming they’re done for tonight and playing the rest tomorrow.

oh ok, I didn’t know that was a thing :slight_smile: don’t they have classic finals tomorrow morning too?

Is there a twitch live feed?

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is there a bracket for the classic finals somewhere?