Chicago Expo 2017 Flip Out Tournament


Bring back the manufacturer’s division!


Pinball Expo Classics top 16 qualifiers used ~840 entries. Entries were 6 for $20, total pot contributed by top 16 with entries just played ~$2800. Classics paid out a total of $2370 to the winners. Total players in Classics 106.

Big Congrats to Fred C. for winning Classics.


840 entries for the top 16 only or total? 52.5 entries per person in average for the top 16 is a serious number! :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand how Keith made top 4 in Classics when it seemed like both finals were going at the same time on Sunday? Did he multiply? :slight_smile:


Yes, just the top 16 players.


Hm. Don’t like reading stuff like that.


The most I saw by one player was 110 entries in classics. Wow!

But clearly, Classics pump and dump is supplementing the payouts in Main.

Main prize package is something like $13,000 when you figure in the NIB game and all the A/B division cash. 99 players in Main x $75 entry is only $7,425 so the difference has to come from somewhere.

I wouldn’t be happy about it if I was a “classics only” player, but for those who played in both it pretty much evens out. That said, all the payouts were posted ahead of time, so there’s not really anything to gripe about. I’m not a fan of the format so I chose to pass on it entirely.


pro and cons in any format, there are so many tournament out there to chose what you like :slight_smile:

some people like unlimited so they can keep trying, even 100 entries would not be anywhere close to half the cost of travel to an event in the first place anyway…


I found a bit of streaming from Fri-Sat. It’s just gameplay with no commentary (at least the small portion I watched). Kudos to arcadesuperawesome for streaming at least a portion of the tourney.