Chicago Expo 2017 Flip Out Tournament

Does anyone know this year’s Flip Out format? I assume it’s the same as last year, detailed here: Chicago Expo Flipout 2016 Paging @trent for confirmation. :telephone_receiver:

Expo schedule says:

Thursday 10/12
10:00 AM to 1:00 AM - tournament begins

Friday 10/13
9:00 AM - B division finals start
1:00 PM to 2:00 AM - tournament continues

Saturday 10/14
9:00 AM - tournament continues
11:00 PM - preliminaries end

Sunday 10/15
7:30 AM - finalist players’ meeting
8:00 AM - finals begin
3:30 PM - trophy presentations

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It will be the same bracket format as last year

Queuing through NeverDrains or some other app?

Trent doesn’t use the digital queuing for expo.

Can we drag him kicking & screaming into 2017? :wink:

Queuing will, no doubt, be through the long-ass-line-from-hell-that-winds-forever-yet-still-seems-to-move-in-a-not-too-bad-way-if-youre-willing-to-choose-WWE-or-IM-to-play-but-waiting-for-GoT-is-your-own-damn-decision app. But on the plus side - it takes so long to cycle through the line, the #ExpoGlare ™ will only get you for a game or two before the sun sets, and also, don’t forget, the winner of last year’s tournament managed to win the whole caboodle without spending a single moment in the qualifying line. So there is always that option, too. As always, YMMV


Is it an option on your software, Karl? Trent and I will be starting to co-ordinate for Expo in the upcoming weeks. Personally, I think it would be great to use so people can actually walk in the hallway

Always an option.

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Did BPSO use Never Drains queuing?


Didn’t fly all the way out to Chicago to have byes! :wink:


Everything the same as last year. I do have a plan to shorten the lines a little.
To avoid the line at all show up at 10am on Thursday!

Flip-Out Pinball Tournament

Win a new Stern Pinball at Expo Flipout! Now everyone qualifies!

2017 Flip Off at Pinball Expo
Oct 12-15, 2017 at Chicago Pinball Expo
Format the same this year using the multiple game seeding style this year ala HERB style.
‘A’ division wins a new Stern machine used in the tourney in lieu of the cash prize!

Entry fee is $75. No cost for qualifying entries.
Seeding for MAIN on Thursday only.
Everyone gets 2 qualifying chances on each title needed in Main.

There will be 3 different divisions. “A”, “B” and Classics. All players will receive World Pinball Player Rankings points.

Everyone qualifies. Top 40% of qualifying go into A, plus any A restricted players. Bottom 60% go into B. Winner of B gets the last spot in A.

Seeding for MAIN on Thursday only.
If you decide not to seed you will be randomly placed at the bottom of your bracket. WPPR rank 1-250 or by tournament directors discretion will be restricted to A. Every 8 spots in qualifying gets you another bye.
B finals start at 9am on Friday at 9am. A finals start as soon as B ends.
Finals will be bracket playoffs in a head to head format, double elimination. Match will be best 2 out of 3 in winners and losers bracket. Match times will be posted on the bracket. 5 minute grace time or you forfeit your match if a TD has not heard from you. If you are playing in Expo brawl and have a conflict we will work with you on it. If you are going to either Stern party we will delay your match start time up to 2 hours. Most matches won bounty A and B - $100 Question email Trent at Make sure to register before 11pm Thursday. Top 32 in A are in the money. Top 16 in B.

Top 16 scores will qualify. Finals will be bracket playoffs in a head to head format. Double elimination. Match will be best 2 out of 3. Finals start at 8am Sunday.


A division
1st - $3500 plus %pot or Stern pinball machine
2nd - $1500
3rd - $1000
4th - $750
5th – 8th - $400
9th – 16th - $150
17th - 32nd $75

B division
1st - $500 and last spot in A division
2nd - $250
3rd - $200
4th - $150
5th – 8th - $75
9th – 16th - $40

1st - $750
2nd - $500
3rd - $300
4th - $150
5th-6th - $100
7th-8th - $75
9th-16th - $40

Qualifying Hours
Main: Thursday 10am – 1am

Classics only
Thursday 10am – 1am
Friday 9am - 1am
Saturday 9am – 11pm


Does the event sell out?
Does the tournament sell out?

It looks like the only way to register for the event is to actually print out something and mail it with a check? Like it’s 1994?

There’s a drop-down box, text field, and PayPal button on – no SSL on the site, but it does handle most of the transaction on PayPal’s site.

In the past, the tournament was a pump and dump with no virtual queues. You bought physical tickets and stood in line. The free-play and vendor rooms are neat, but there’s not a chance in Hades I’d travel more than a couple hours drive for the event, as formatted in the past.

Oh jesus, my bad, yeah it’s all right there.


Are there any pictures of the bracket from last year that had the “call times” for each seed?

Trying to figure out what days I can promise my wife I can be home to put the kids the bed . . . and hoping for a better answer than “none of them” :slight_smile:

You mean kids just don’t, like, go to bed? What the hell did I get myself into.

Anyway, to sort of get back on topic, I agree it would be helpful to see last year’s call times. There’s a non-zero chance my wife will go into labor during Expo.


I always mark the dates on my calendar that are 9 months before really big tournaments, to remind myself to intentionally get into a fight at home on those days :wink:


… Which worked so well last time?


I’m batting 1 out of 2 . . . that’s baseball Hall of Fame numbers right there! :slight_smile: