Champion Pub in Tournaments


I have an upcoming tournament I’m running that will have a Champion Pub in the lineup. While I haven’t been playing competitive pinball too long, I’ve never seen this game in a tournament and I have only played it a handful of times so I really don’t know the game. Is there anything I should be aware of or any specific settings I should use for the game? Thanks!


I asked this a couple years ago. Here’s the thread.


The fine folks over at PAPA said its not a game that should be played in a tournament environment.

Basically, you could possibly win the game without really playing any actual pinball.
But it is a real fun game in a casual setting…


Sorry! Forgot to search this before posting! Well my other option is Theatre of Magic :thinking:


Theatre all day.


Yeah take ToM over CP all day. Champ Pub is just not fun at all in a tournament.


You mean 'Left loop all day" right :wink:
Seriously though, even though it’s a valid, if not wood choppingly boring, strategy it’s still making pinball shots for score.
Unless you can rig it like PAPA does to keep the loop from dropping into the top lanes and forcing people to play the “actual” game.


Played one last night that has a super smooth left orbit that RARELY dropped into the pops. Still went that way, but got 4th. Haha.

Like you said, it’s got an exploitable feature but you have to make the shots.


Thanks for the replies. Theatre it is. I’m getting the one that was used in the Pinfest tournament. They “disabled” the left loop or something?


I think so, I don’t remember to clearly what they did, but a clean shot to the loop almost never hit the top lanes if memory serves…
Regardless of exploits, it’s a freaking great game to play anytime.


Gee, where have I heard that before…

cough Ghostbusters cough


Agreed, fun game without the left loop all day strategy. If you have the keys to the game you could put a rubber at the end of the right loop which forces the ball into the slings. Tight slings plus that will equal nobody doing that which is what I thought I saw in a recent tournament.