Champion Pub setup for a tournament?

CP just got added to the bar where I run tournaments. Played a few games the other night and it plays very very long. what Can I change in the settings to combat this? I think I saw in the settings to change the post difficulty to hard, and that seems to reduce the amount of time that center post was up. Is there anything else I can do? Also, seems to be a lot of video modes and random awards that can be crazy points. Anyway to de-randomize those?


Did you read this?

If the tilt and boxer mechanism are both too loose, players can shake the machine to score hits on the boxer and win bouts. If the flippers are aligned correctly, the jab ramps should both be makeable depending upon which side of the up-post the ball is resting.

Early in the game, the video mode is worth an exorbitant amount of points compared to the boxing rounds, causing the winners of quick games to be determined not by who is a better “pinball” player but by who catches the most spit in their buckets during this mode. Later in the game after becoming “Pub Champion”, players are permitted to wager significant amounts of points in cash fights, leading to highly unusual and imbalanced situations in a competitive environment. Both of these issues means Champion Pub is a poor choice for competition.
The locking mechanism can prevent players from earning skillshots in multiplayer games, which can create a critical competitive imbalance between the players involved.

If you can change settings, just disable the center post completely (in feature settings). Some games, like FGY, Spidey and CP, should’ve never gotten center posts.

If you can’t disable it completely, play 2 ball games. (don’t mention this to IFPA folks d;^)

Well shit. Haha. Didn’t see that in the papa notes when I read them.

I guess I will try to mess with the settings and tilt to make it as hard as possible so no one gets pub champion. Still a fairly novice tournament each month.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try and turn the post off.