Cancellation of Vancouver Flipout

I’m curious whether there are plans to replace this event on Circuit, or if it will just be skipped.

(The cancellation was announced earlier this week on Pinside, and the event’s been removed from the Circuit schedule.)

The SPC schedule was set at the start of the year. Unfortunately we’ve had two events drop, so it’s only an 18 tournament schedule for this season.

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If you want me to get a circuit event up and running in December for the entire Tri-State area just let me know.

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There was a voting process so if an existing event missed the votes then they would be next in line. But it seemed the tone of the response indicated no replacements are going to be chosen

The event will not be replaced on this year’s schedule.

Also, the voting process was eliminated two years ago and events are now chosen based on WPPR value.


Different question, does this mean that automatic invite to 2020 is now top 15 out of 18 events, because those two events that dropped had 0 WPPRs? If so, MAGfest might have a chance to make it in again, although IFPA/PAPA will have to go to the next decimal for the tie breaker between MagFest and Pinball at the Zoo (Magfest has it by half a point or so).

But I’m guessing Brisbane might be MagFest based on last year’s WPPRs.

15 existing events stay on the SPC. This includes events that drop out mid-season, or like last year, some events that decline their invite to the following season.

I believe we had 3 events last year ‘drop’ that were invited to stay on the SPC (Louisville, Pinvasion, Buffalo), so it was 15/18 last year as well.

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MagFest likes being on the perpetual bubble.

It would be nice to have 5 alternates on the schedule that way if an event drops the alternate takes it place. It could also boost the attendance at those events as well as there might be a chance they get included throughout the year. If the event already happened the organizers get an opportunity to pay the fee and have the event included if not goes to next event of alternate list for inclusion. If an alternate event accepts then they get a 1 year exemption for inclusion the following year for their flexibility and stepping in.

All-glo-ball classics is cancelled? Why?


I don’t think the circuit NEEDS to replace lost events though. Just have the original 18 and move on. If it were an event like mine with limited entry, and I was given the opportunity to make it a circuit event after all of the spots have been filled, some players that would’ve only attended if it were a circuit event wouldn’t have the shot anymore if the opportunity came up after the tournament signups.

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This. :tipping_hand_man:

Being a devil’s advocate if the 5 alternate events are announced at the same time the schedule comes out, and if all players know this in advance why not have a situation where the schedule is filled and we always have 20 events. Regardless if they have already happened or not, it wouldn’t be fair to only add an event after the date of the cancellation as maybe one that deserved to be added already happened. It helps the alternate events cause maybe, just maybe a few more top players play into them especially if it is the top 1 or 2 alternate as history has shown one or two of these events get cancelled per year. After all I know the circuit event isn’t about growing pinball, it isn’t about geographic fairness we have heard loud and clear from the organizers on that front. It is about trying to showcase the best players in the world and I get it but if you can achieve all of these outcomes why wouldn’t you take advantage of that.

20 is an ambiguous number, it could be 25, 22 or 16. The point is that the lords decided on 20 and I think the majority of people will agree that they want to know all 20 events in advance. If its 20 one year, 19 the next and 18 the key thing was that everyone knew what the 20 events were before the start of the circuit.

You really want a 19th or 20th seed kicked out because Vancouver cancelled and some other event took its spot that the 19th or 20th seed didn’t attend? That will never happen…

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