Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2019


Yeah, I mentioned it early sat morning. I’m going to claim that is why I failed to qualify as it had absolutely nothing to do with my crap play Saturday afternoon :wink:

Seriously though, no apology necessary. I was talking with a couple people after the tournament and they thought it may have been a bug so I figured I’d check again so if it was it doesn’t happen to someone else. Still a fun tournament. Thanks for putting it on.


Ah, at the start of play Saturday morning you would have been reseeded based on your tournament standings after Friday’s rounds. At that time you were seeded 20th which was correct.


Will this still be happening in 2019 despite lack of Circuit status this year?


Yes we will be having the Silverball Showdown this year. It will be a Friday/Saturday tournament rather than a 3-day event.

It will still be Pinburgh-style match play.


Have you picked dates yet?


The 2019 Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown will take place May 4-5th, 2019. It is not on the circuit this year but it will retain the same mini-Pinburgh format.

The other notable change is it will be a 2 day event with 5 rounds of qualifying on Saturday with the finals on Sunday.

If you miss out on Pinburgh or just want more Pinburgh-style goodness and love to play a wide variety of well-maintained machines, I encourage you to sign up and join us at Cactus Jack’s.

Who knows. Maybe with your help we might make the Circuit again next year!

Please register by contacting me at

For tournament info, visit the website:

Shawn Lee


Hooray! Can’t wait. Love me some Cactus Jack’s.


Sadly I won’t be able to attend this year, but highly encourage others to. It’s always been one of my favorite events in previous years. Well run, and the games are all immaculate! Except for that 300…


Thanks! It will be great to have you back this year!


Yeah, that 300 is crap. I keep trying to save it from it’s owner but he just wont let it go :slight_smile:


Just a few weekends away from mini-Pinburgh in OKC, held at one of the best public location collections in the country. Make your travel plans, and email @alveolus to register. Very few spots remaining.
May 4-5.