Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2019


It looks like they give you yesterday’s score minus 23 [the score below the cut line] as your starter for today. So
Shep starts today with 16, Adam with 15, Brent with 11.5, etc.


Not familiar with the format… Will the top 32 cut to top 16 at some point today? When are finals, etc?


Top 16 in each division after round 8 play in finals tomorrow.


A Division Finals kick off around 9am-ish. We will be streaming on Twitch: CJArcade and CJArcade2.

Hopefully we will get some commentator volunteers.


Playoff results / standings anywhere?


That looks like the place, but no results are in yet. Maybe they’re waiting until the end of the round to enter all the info?


I did not make the final, but, I did put the “flying backhand” to good use on the one game of Liberty Belle I played. Thanks @BMU for the tip.


A division consolation event-
B division finals-




Can’t watch the stream but I’m not seeing any first round results yet. Are they not updating or are they on a different page than the one I linked?


I think the semis are happening now and on paper as they go. Updated when they finish maybe?


Repost: Link to see the finals of Cactus Jack’s silver ball Showdown live! 100 percent of the finals will be on camera starting shortly… We are in the semifinals now! Color commentary will be included by: Cory Hunt of the Toner Low Podcast and Louis Marx, director of the DFW Which of the two feeds depends on which game they are playing so keep both handy if you want to see some of the best pinball in the country.


I had to go to league, anyone got the final standings for A?


I know DJ won it on last ball of Liberty Belle.

  1. David Riel
  2. Trent
  3. Brett Emerson
  4. Adam McKinnie

Out in semis
Colin MacAlpine
Phil Grimaldi
Josh Noble
Will Hoffman

Not sure after that.


Big thanks to @alveolus and the cactus jacks crew for putting on this excellent event. This was my third year coming, and had a great time. Can’t wait for next year!


I want to add, it’s a great event, thanks to Shawn and everybody at Cactus Jack’s for putting on a wonderful event.

Nothing beats it coming down to the last game of Liberty Belle where anyone could win the event!


As always it was a great time, and no power outages this year! Huge thanks to Shawn, CJs crew, the techs, and the fine folks that brought extra games to play. It was great meeting and playing with you guys! Hopefully see ya before CJs next year!


First time going and will agree that it was a great event. A lot of fun and a real nice arcade. The games were much nicer than my local arcade and cheaper too!

I do have one question, if I may. I believe I played in approximately 15/16 rounds over the weekend including my play in the consolation tournament. If memory serves me correctly I was bottom seed in all but 1 of those rounds. I asked sat why that was occurring and was told it was how seeding worked and I was just the bottom seed. This continued to occur even when I was the top seed (looking at standings) so I asked again (a different person) and was given a different answer.

I thought it was supposed to be seeded based off a pre-outlined setting for which my ranking wasn’t fitting into. Fortunately having to go first isn’t a huge deal for me but it did get frustrating, especially on some lock stealing games.

Was I just a “glitch” in the system?


Indeed your seeding was improper. This occurred because I added you into the field late after I had already seeded the players into the software. Still an oversight on my part for which I apologize. I do not remember you asking me about it as I would have happily corrected the mistake. Or maybe you did mention it to me and I failed to register it in which case I doubly apologize.