Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2018


Yeah, I mentioned it early sat morning. I’m going to claim that is why I failed to qualify as it had absolutely nothing to do with my crap play Saturday afternoon :wink:

Seriously though, no apology necessary. I was talking with a couple people after the tournament and they thought it may have been a bug so I figured I’d check again so if it was it doesn’t happen to someone else. Still a fun tournament. Thanks for putting it on.


Ah, at the start of play Saturday morning you would have been reseeded based on your tournament standings after Friday’s rounds. At that time you were seeded 20th which was correct.


Will this still be happening in 2019 despite lack of Circuit status this year?


Yes we will be having the Silverball Showdown this year. It will be a Friday/Saturday tournament rather than a 3-day event.

It will still be Pinburgh-style match play.


Have you picked dates yet?