Buffalo Pinball Summer Open '18 - A Stern Pro Circuit Event




The idea of the 6:30 break is: 1) Yes, some games will be wrapping up and end close to 6:40; 2) Perhaps time for a quick bite of food*; 3) Time to look at Session 1 results and see if any games are playing long

I totally understand this request. I’ve run tournaments with this format 4 or 5 times now, and my preference is to use points rather than percentage. Here’s my justification:

  • We’ll do everything we can to make ball times similar from game to game
  • At the beginning of the second half, players who have played the fewest games will get the advantage of starting in a playing position rather than the queue
  • Part of the “fun” of this format is trying to win or lose efficiently
  • Top 8 make the playoffs, so several players with higher win percentage but not higher win total will likely advance anyhow

*In case anyone started the tournament after, say, driving from Vermont. :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome.

Theee hours in a row is too long for this format so a break is a good idea. I ran it once for two hours (no break) and people thought it was a little too long. My queue was only three people deep (with six matches going on), so you barely had time for a deep breath while standing in line.


A big problem with using winning percentage is what’s to keep someone from winning his/her first game and then never playing again? Batting 1.000! An extreme example but using points, though it does lend itself to potential volatility in the results, avoids a some potential gaming of the system.


Hire a bouncer to make sure the players don’t leave. Honestly haven’t run into that problem yet. If that scenerio does worry you, you could set a minimum amount of games to qualify…say 50% of the amount of games played by the player with the most games. Shouldn’t be too hard.


I know some bouncers who would find this an amusing way to spend a day.

“Excuse me, sir, were you leaving the que? No leaving the que! Get back in line!”


@stevevt what software are you going to use for this?


Either MatchPlay or some homebrew Google Sheets/Google Form solution that a friend has created (@fletchtb) . The latter works great in general, but there can be a bit of variable lag with getting the information to populate so people can confirm their latest entry and overall standings.


Pre-registration for the Pre BPSO Flip Frenzy Tournament will begin around 5 pm ET tonight. Details will be posted in the event description and in the Discussion section of the Facebook event.

I’ll try to post pre-registration details here are well.

To recap:
50 spots
$30 (no coin drop needed)
3 hours of non-stop Matchplay plus finals


To pre-register, send $10 via PayPal (please use the Friends and Family option if not using a bank account or existing balance to pay) to: -------------------------.

EDIT: All 50 spots taken as of 2/13! To get on the wait list, email vermontpinball@gmail.com.

You can either pay $10 or the full $30 – your choice. If you pay $10, you must pay the balance by 7/16/2018.

Anyone dropping out before the end of 7/16/2018 will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given after 7/16/2018. Spots are limited to the first 50 players to pay $10.


FYI: 28 spots taken, 22 spots left