Buffalo Pinball Summer Open ’17 - A PAPA Circuit Major!

We’re bringing the PAPA Circuit back to Buffalo! At the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open ’17, players will compete for cash prizes, trophies, points toward the annual PAPA Circuit standings and World Pinball Player Ranking points in this IFPA-endorsed event.

This year’s event has been designated as a major, offering additional circuit points to players. The tournaments are open to people of all skill levels.

The event will consist of three tournaments: A single, main tournament (qualifying Friday and Saturday, finals Sunday) and two classics tournaments (one Friday, one Saturday).

When: August 18-20, 2017

Where: Pocketeer Billiards and Bar, 2444 Clinton St., Buffalo, NY

Registration: For more information, including registration and pricing, schedule, format, rules, location and travel details, visit http://www.buffalopinball.com/papacircuit


100% TGP in every tournament! Woohoo!

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Dig the poster :+1:


Thanks! It’s based off one of our shirt designs.

By popular demand, there will be a warmup event on the Thursday night before the BPSO.

Here’s a link to the event page on Facebook:


  • Matches will take place on non-BPSO machines
  • 3 strikes, heads up (one on one)
  • 1-game matches to determine strikes
  • $20/person registration fee
  • 50 players max
  • Coin drop required to play each game
  • Trophies for top 3
  • 100% of registration fees go to trophies and the following payout schedule:
    … 3 through 25 players:
    … 1st: 50%; 2nd: 30%; 3rd: 20%
    … 26 through 50 players:
    … 1st: 40%; 2nd: 24%; 3rd: 16%; 4th: 12%; 5th: 8%

Registration details will be posted on the Facebook event page Thursday night, and the pre-registration period should start at that time.


Pre BPSO Three Strikes Tournament pre-registration info!

Pre-registration is not required, but will guarantee you a spot within the 50-player limit if you pre-register before the tournament is full.

To pre-register, send $20 via PayPal (please use the Friends and Family option) to: http://paypal.me/vermontpinball

Include the name(s) of the player(s) if different than the PayPal address being used.

Pre-registration runs between June 15th and August 14th.
Full refunds will be provided upon request through August 3rd (2 weeks before the event).

To pay via check or other methods in the US mail, email vermontpinball@gmail.com or PM me.

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Yeah I guess I’ll play :slight_smile:

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ReplayFX is wrapping up, so here’s a reminder about (BPSO and) the Thursday pre-BPSO 3 strikes tournament I’m running.

20 players have signed up for the 3 strikes warmup and paid so far. Plenty of room left for now. You can register at the door up until all slots are filled, unless it fills up before pre-registration ends.

See above for details.


Thanks Steve! Another reminder: Preregister for the Summer Open before Tuesday and you’ll get five free entries. Info here: https://buffalopinball.com/papacircuit/register/


I’ll be there. Can’t wait. Never been to Buffalo before, so if I don’t qualify I can just go see Niagara Falls.


Will additional classic games be brought in for the Classics tournaments?

Yes, there will be other classic tournament games than are normally at Pocketeer.

Are you able to share what is defined as classic for this? Will you be announcing additional games ahead of the event?

Thank you!

I heard rumours one might rhyme with “Snot Frogging”


Better download one of these just in case:

Pinball machines are not sandwiches!!

I love how Bruce likes to pronounce Hot Doggin’, Hot Dogging. He doesn’t want to sound like one of us Southerners!

Classics will be EMs and early solid state games. Last year, the most “recent” games used in classics were Sorcerer and Space Shuttle.

We don’t plan to announce games ahead of schedule as it would give local players an unfair advantage. It’s possible that a week before we will, if the games are set aside and not for play. If that happens, we’ll announce on the Facebook event page what games will be used.


The BPSO '17 is this weekend. Get hyped!



Here are the main division games for this year’s Buffalo Pinball Summer Open:

Dialed In standard
Iron Man vault
Aerosmith pro
AC/DC pro
Batman 66 premium
Demolition Man
Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure
Medieval Madness remake
Ghostbusters premium
X Files

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