Buffalo Pinball Summer Open ’17 - A PAPA Circuit Major!


some interesting choices for sure :slight_smile:


@KevInBuffalo Is cellphone syncing allowed to get access to the big bang button?


Awesome! I’m liking this game more and more every time I play it.

Have they done some mods to make it play faster?

Pump&dump = 6x or bust
And hope no one gets to the wizard mode.

Cool. I haven’t seen gameplay since the days of the Skill Shot or bust code.


I know Dominos skill shot was 1 million. Anyone know what it’s worth now?


Does qualifying or papa scoring in finals count towards the tiebreakers (both circuit points and wpprs)? Since this is a major, there are many circuit points that are potentially on the line. Just want to make sure it’s communicated before the event so that everyone isn’t shocked if 5-8 all get the same circuit points/wpprs/what have you.


In most cases I’ve noticed(including the BPSO last year) tie breakers are only used for placements with cash payouts. If a tournament submits results with ties, PAPA Circuit points are split between the tied persons. If you look at the past results on the PAPA Circuit page, you will see a few instances where tied players split the points. At the TD discretion


I think Evan was referring to the PAPA-style finals difference between:
(a) considering all players eliminated in the same round as tied (Ex: 5-8th all considered tied for 6th in the final standings), vs.
(b) using the finals points scored by eliminated players as a means to differentiate final standing positions (Ex: 5-8th are comprised of Josh scoring 5 but eliminated on a High Hand tie-breaker, Nick and Kevin each scoring 3, and me scoring 1… then Josh gets listed at 5th, Nick and Kevin tied for 6th, and I’m listed at 8th).

My personal preference is for Option (b), which uses a match score to differentiate between players eliminated in the same round. For what it’s worth, this was how PAPA World Championship final standings were submitted this year.


Best of luck in to all participating in the BPSO and to @Nick_BuffaloPinball and @KevInBuffalo for a smooth tournament. Wish I could be there! Can’t wait to catch the coverage on the stream.


When does the stream start!!!?


TBD tonight


There was an issue with Papas streaming equipment. If it all gets worked out they should be streaming qualifying tonight 8-12pm eastern, and all finals on Sunday.


Accuracy is questionable.

Minor redemption


I’m still in recovery mode, but the tournament was very fun and well run. Great job, Buffalo folks! Should you guys decide to do it next year, I’ll definitely be there.


Glad to hear! Hope everyone enjoyed their time in Buffalo and had fun at the tournament.


Great job @KevInBuffalo and @Nick_BuffaloPinball and the whole team of scorekeepers, techs, etc. Was nice to see a sign up calling out the techs too - always feel like they often don’t get the kudos they deserve. Had a great time even if I lost out on $30 to Mahesh b/c of 30K in bonus on Batman 66 :joy:


Agreed. Huge thanks to @KevInBuffalo, @Nick_BuffaloPinball, Jeff Becker and all of the people who made this happen.

I have not gone back and read my feedback from last year, but there where some things I know were better this year.

  • Bathroom locked this year. No more surprises.
  • Scorekeepers seemed more prepared.
  • space around players was good. Well sectioned off.

Highlights for me.

  • most of the games were great. Thanks to Bruce, I loved playing hotdoggin’ and Big Game (and thanks to @LOTR_breath for the post tournament Big Game flipper skill tutorial). Main games played too good for people like me to chase the scores)
  • Food trucks again a great success.
  • Finals broadcast seemed to go well. Mike is really raising the bar on production. I was thrilled to get to be a part of it (thanks Kev for inviting me to commentate for a round) . I know there are still some coordination issues to work out, but I heard really good things overall.
  • streaming classics 2. My wife always enjoys getting to see me play (and it is unlikely to happen in main)
  • Very fun group of friends. Great time hanging out, playing pinball.

Areas for improvement.

  • Route classics games. We played some broken games and had no replacements. Blackout with the flipper, BR with the tilt and audit thing, BK phantom tilting, space shuttle playing very long for this field. I love classics, but I don’t think those machines were tournament ready.
  • Hot Tip jokes. I have not gone back and watched the classics stream yet, but my wife commented that the hot Tip jokes were inappropriate. I know someone else mentioned on Sunday that they regretted telling their niece about the stream.
  • very crowded and hot at the back. The setup was a plus and a minus. Great while playing. Bad while next in line.
  • too bad qualifying stream didn’t work out.

Overall I think the event managed to hold up to the Major designation. Great Job. I look forward to the Stern Pro Circuit event next year.


I’d agree with most of this stuff. The Classics are tough because they only have so many classics - much of this year’s banks was recycled from last year. Space Shuttle doesn’t REALLY belong in a classics bank and the games were often endless.

I would like to see sturdier games, and also a couple EMs for each day on five ball, it gets old playing these three ball early digitals over the course of two days and I really think classics players are at a bit of a disadvantage where there are no mechanicals to choose from. I was the number 1 seed day one and wasn’t thrilled with my choice of games. But with classics we often have to take what we can get (see Denmark IFPA).


Very high quality event all around! Thanks to all who put in so much work to make it possible and run so smoothly.


Thanks to the Buffalo and PAPA crews for an outstanding event! The stream of the finals was on par with the Pinburgh stream. It’s very exciting to see a pinball stream elevated to this level of production and polish. Special thanks to Kevin, Nick, Doug, Fred, Elizabeth, Bruce and all the techs. Extra special thanks to the owners and employees at Pocketeer for having such a special location and making us feel welcome. I would definitely make the trip again if Buffalo is on the circuit next year.


A few pics…Mmm, beef on weck!