Anyone got any insight on how this plays for tournaments? BOP is not great I know but wanted to check this.


I watched @timballs destroy this game at the Sanctum last year. Maybe he’ll chime in.

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They had it at Pinbaltimore which was pump and dump format. Here’s the scores:

I only played in Classics so I have no input otherwise.

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Unless they changed the code after I sold mine their are several bugs that can freeze the game when playing in multiplayer mode. If those have been taken care of and the game is set up with wide outlanes and fat rubbers on the ramps it would be an OK game to play. Some of the modes can be more valuable than others but they can be picked by shooting the pops to cycle through them.

2.0 takes some of the “left ramp all day” mentality out of the game but to blow it up it’s still a very much left ramp based game.

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I don’t think it’s great for tournaments in that the game is still kind of a one trick pony. Video mode and skill shots forever.

Ok going to play safe and take it out.

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Not a good example as that particular instance had bad flipper hops on both sides, a weak right flipper that had tons of trouble making the ramp, and a stupid sneeze tilt.

If you’re wondering if it’s stable enough, I never noticed an issue while I was at The Sanctum.

Regarding scoring, you do get rid of the major problem that the original had with the random billion award. What you also get is a mostly new game that perhaps many people do not have exposure to, which often seems to make tournament directors nervous.

If this sort of stuff is what you’re concerned about, which I would argue is not something you should care about in a pump & dump format where all players have a chance to discover the scoring paths of the game, then sure, pull it.

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It’s matchplay so worried about long ball times.

Yeah it’s at a location locally that is used for team league nights and it’s just kind of a snoozefest woodchopper. I enjoy BOP 2.0 playing it by myself for mode completions and such. Just find it to be pretty one dimentional during team league nights. It depends on the tournament you’re using it really which can be said for most games. The newest code seems to be a lot more stable as well.

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I’d suggest not using it then. It’s very likely that people will just grind the locks/multiball forever as it’s relatively safe and can be worth good points if you nail a bunch of triples. If I’m in this tournament, I’d rather see it pulled than see it bastardized, because that’s not fun.

We used it last year and it will be in again this year at the Finsl Battle as mentioned. No game stopping code bugs. Scoring is very different as Tim pointed out. It’s all fair though as everyone has the same opportunities available to them

It won’t play any longer than bride 1.0 plays really. Setup properly it’s a fine length game. If you are worried about 2.0 code the great thing is 1.0 is still available by holding in the start button.


I don’t think this game should be used in tournaments, ask @jdelz how I beat him in 3 shots

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I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the game still, but the points could use a little work

It was cool how I grinded jackpots for 20 minutes then you doubled my score in 1 minute on ball 3. Great game!


Thanks we used it and it was fine!

Dare I ask what mode/video shenanigans happened?

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50M, 3 way combo I’m guessing

Which if so, requires that you beat a small wheel mode right?