Then that is definitely not 3 shots, it was an earned opportunity that was well executed.


Still though. That’s ridiculously high scoring.

What is the combo?


Obviously it’s more than 3 shots to get there, but it’s funnier to say it that way.

I believe it was center ramp, left loop, spinner. But my eyes were rolling too hard to get a clear look.


It’s right loop instead of spinner to finish the combo. The quite insane thing is, this combo can be done more than once. You have a 30 second timer, so with accuracy this could be 100M or even 150M points


Wow… and that combo is available at any time? Or at any time only after you’ve beaten a small wheel mode?


You have to complete a small wheel mode, then pop bumper your way to the 50M big wheel award. Start the big wheel award at the left scoop, then your away. You only get to do this once a game, so if you muck it up then that’s a whole lot of potential points down the drain.

The 10M round is also very lucrative, heart beat ramp, then shuttle ramp for 10M, which again you can repeat


@roadshow16 Do you know what the Billion mode does? I am not familiar with the big wheel mode rules, but yes I did start the 50m mode and shoot the 3 way combo… which shocked me when it really did award 50m. I was so far behind that I figured I may as well start it and see if I could get 50m


The Billion mode is the wizard mode. You have to complete all other mini and big wheel modes before it will light. Once lit, shoot the scoop, start the Billion mode. I’ve only played it once, but basically every shot is lit, you have to shoot every shot within the time limit, then they will all relight, shoot them all again and I’m guessing you will be rewarded with a billion points. I was 2 shots away on the second time through when I ran out of time.

I don’t own the game, only played it at shows etc, but I do really enjoy it