Bat City Open 2018 Tournament announcement




Sorry to hear, Neil. Let me know next time you’re heading to Austin.


Some additional detail on the Bat City Open Friday evening tourney: There is no additional cost for the Friday tournament – it is part of the one-time $60 entry fee for the weekend. There are no cash prizes for the Friday tourney – but plenty of tasty WPPRs, and some possible Stern Army swag.

As announced, it is a “progressive strike” tourney – see the original event details for more information on how this works. If between 29-64 players participate, it will be 6 strikes. If between 21-28 players, then 7 strikes. If 20 players or less, then 8 strikes.

When the field is reduced to 2 players, prior to playing the next round, both players will have an equal amount of additional strikes added to their total strikes so that the player with the most strikes is one strike from being eliminated. Example: for a 6-strike tourney, if the last two players have 2 strikes and 4 strikes, then both players will have 1 strike added to their total, resulting in them having 3 and 5 strikes, respectively, headed into the next game.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!


Garrett is coming out of retirement? Looking forward to playing against him again :slight_smile:


I wish we could have everyone in the place dressed in Lazerhawk shirts and hats.


I’ve been super busy and this weekend snuck up on me! Anyone interested in splitting a room or letting me crash on a couch?


I’ve got a couch but I’m about 20 miles from the venue. Happy to have you if that’s the best offer you get.


thanks for the offer! i’ll let you know if i can’t find anything closer


Parking information for the downtown Austin area:
Do yourself a favor and figure out where to park before you get here. Trying to park is my least favorite thing about downtown Austin.
Buffalo Billiards, 201 E 6th Street is the address of the venue. 6th is closed to vehicles on weekend nights, if you’re parked on 6th you’ll be towed.


I’m working on getting some discounted parking, I’ll post info if I’m successful.


Updated Player list, with Division Restrictions listed:

Name (First) Name (Last) Div Restriction

1 Aaron Nessim None
2 Adam McKinnie A
3 Austin Kemp B
4 Austin Knight B
5 Ben Whittington B
6 Brad Holliday A
7 Brian Fletcher B
8 Bryce Revnew B
9 Caleb Kucera None
10 Christopher Doyle B
11 Christopher Palis None
12 Colin MacAlpine A
13 Cory Westfahl B
14 Craig Squires A
15 Dean St. Onge B
16 Deborah Tahlman B
17 Devin O’Brien B
18 Donna Chimera None
19 Ethan Machen None
20 Fred Revnew A
21 Gabe Jones B
22 Garrett Hays B
23 Jack Revnew None
24 Jason Newman B
25 Jeff Mleynek B
26 Jessica Shepherd B
27 Jon Drew B
28 Jon Stewart B
29 Joshua Tidmore B
30 Ken Kemp B
31 Kevin Rodriguez B
32 Lauren Gray None
33 Lisa Anderson None
34 Louis Marx B
35 Luke Sheahan B
36 Lyn Machen None
37 Marc Gammons B
38 Marcus Trevino B
39 Mark Brown B
40 Mark Gunter B
41 Mark Meserve A
42 Matt Quantz B
43 Michael Thibodeaux B
44 Mitchell Dean None
45 Nadia Didehbani None
46 Nikolas Poklitar B
47 Phil Grimaldi A
48 Rachel Morris B
49 Raleigh Palis None
50 Ray Ford B
51 Richard Carson B
52 Robert Byers A
53 Robert Montanez B
54 Ruben Zepeda None
55 Ryan Goeller None
56 Stephanie Mueller None
57 Sunshine Bon A
58 Sven Johnson B
59 Thomas Law B
60 Tony Chbeir None
61 Trent Augenstein A
62 Yoshihiro Fujisawa B
63 Zach Palmer B
64 Cody Culp None


Due to a slight limitation of the MatchPlay software (without the software, this tourney format wouldn’t be possible)… we will have to reduce the # of rounds in qualifying from 14 rounds down to 13 rounds. MatchPlay algorithms for Tiered Swiss pairing format (aka Pinburgh style of tiered swiss pairings) is limited to 13 rounds. 13 rounds will still be plenty of pinball on Saturday, and adequate # of rounds to determine finalists, and the event will still more than qualify for 100% TGP for those on strict diet of WPPRs. My apologies for this last minute change.


Jesse’s busy: so the update from him… no discount parking deals were able to be secured. Sorry.

Garage across Brazos St. from Buffalo Billiards… after 5pm Friday and all-day on weekends, it’s $10 for the whole day.

For those attending all day on Friday, there’s a garage 3 blocks west of Buffalo Billiards for $10 for the whole day, but make note of whatever time you MUST EXIT the garage by. Jesse thinks it’s 1am, but read the signs for yourself.

Street parking can often be found within a 3-block radius. $1/hour, 3-hour max, and then you’ll need to technically move your car to a different spot. Or you can purchase another sticker for your windshield, and hope they don’t notice that your car hasn’t moved for 3+ hours.

I HIGHLY recommend to NOT park on 6th street. After 9pm, if you forget that you parked there (like I did two years ago), your car is getting towed, and your cost for parking just went into the hundreds of dollars. :frowning:


All games for the Open are clean, level, and mechanically as close to perfect as I can make them.

HUGE thank you to @Snailman and Zach Palmer for the late night putting in work. The playfield glass and back glass has never looked so shiny and new.

See all of you in 11 hours!


Also, Maiden will be running the 1.01 code update unfortunately…Goodbye my little 515 million-ish highscore…


We’ll be streaming the bat city open all day and tomorrow at

Come join us!


Finals start at ten. Stream will be live. Lewis Marx on commentary.


Great stream! Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Really enjoyed it yesterday and today.


You should come down next time @chuckwurt
We had some great commentators. The youngest Revnew wizard made novice finals. Good to see the future of pinball having fun.