Bat City Open 2018 Tournament announcement




Sorry to hear, Neil. Let me know next time you’re heading to Austin.


Some additional detail on the Bat City Open Friday evening tourney: There is no additional cost for the Friday tournament – it is part of the one-time $60 entry fee for the weekend. There are no cash prizes for the Friday tourney – but plenty of tasty WPPRs, and some possible Stern Army swag.

As announced, it is a “progressive strike” tourney – see the original event details for more information on how this works. If between 29-64 players participate, it will be 6 strikes. If between 21-28 players, then 7 strikes. If 20 players or less, then 8 strikes.

When the field is reduced to 2 players, prior to playing the next round, both players will have an equal amount of additional strikes added to their total strikes so that the player with the most strikes is one strike from being eliminated. Example: for a 6-strike tourney, if the last two players have 2 strikes and 4 strikes, then both players will have 1 strike added to their total, resulting in them having 3 and 5 strikes, respectively, headed into the next game.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!