Bat City Open 2018 Tournament announcement


My pleasure. The registration form will pop up at Noon on Friday the 25th, and will automatically disappear once we hit our registration cap.
We will have a wait list, so if you don’t register/don’t make it in the first time around, you could possibly still play if you are in the area for work.


Just got a sneak peak of the new poster for this year, and man, it’s AWESOME!!


Also, don’t forget, registration opens tomorrow at Noon Central…


Our Graphic design guy, Blake Dumesnil, NAILED this years poster…Again…


Registration is now LIVE!!!


Looks like I got in!!! Who else?!


Here are the first 5 games in this years Bat City Open.

  1. Iron Maiden - Pro ( I mean, that was a no brainer right?)
  2. Judge Dredd
  3. Demolition Man
  4. KISS - Pro
  5. Star Trek - Pro


Hope that Star Trek is brutalized and has lightning flippers on it!


Oh, fear not, it is going to be a beast. :wink:


Only 3 spots remain for this years Open


We have sold out! Thanks to everyone that signed up.

The wait list form is now live, there is also a volunteer check box if your going to be in the area and would like to help.


Another 5 games for this years Bat City Open
Addams Family (because it’s always SHOWTIME at the Bat City Open)
Bram Stokers Dracula
The Walking Dead PRO
Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern)


More games!
Game of Thrones - PRO
Wizard of OZ - STANDARD
Star Trek the Next Generation
Twilight Zone
Lexy Lightspeed Escape From Earth


The final games for the Bat City Open.
Iron Man - Pro
Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Thanks to local Bat City player John for the loaners!


Additional pins for the open.
Corvette, AFM, and Elvis.
Thanks to Brandon for donating these games.
Twilight Zone may not be ready in time for the open so one of these games may take its place.


Here is the official player list for the 2018 Open.

Congratulations, and good luck to you all!

01 Trent Augenstein
02 Deborah Tahlman
03 Colin MacAlpine
04 Phil Grimaldi
05 Marcus Trevino
06 Yoshihiro Fujisawa
07 Lisa Anderson
08 Jack Revnew
09 Bryce Revnew
10 Fred Revnew
11 Dean St. Onge
12 Robert Hooton
13 Mark Gunter
14 Ethan Machen
15 Tony Chbeir
16 Jeff Mleynek
17 Lauren Gray
18 Zach Palmer
19 Aaron Nessim
20 Neil McRae
21 Thomas Law
22 Garrett Hays
23 Ben Whittington
24 Josh Tidmore
25 Jon Drew
26 Ruben Zepeda
27 Mark Brown
28 Sunshine Bon
29 Adam McKinnie
30 Ryan Goeller
31 Michael Thibodeaux
32 Alice Ann
33 Rachel Morris
34 Cory Westfahl
35 Louis Marx
36 Brian Fletcher
37 Marc Gammons
38 Mark Meserve
39 Luke Sheahan
40 Ray Ford
41 David Pollock
42 Brad Holliday
43 Gabe Jones
44 Matt Quantz
45 Christopher Doyle
46 Robert Byers
47 Stephanie Mueller
48 Christopher Palis
49 Sven Johnson
50 Raleigh Palis
51 Donna Chimera
52 Craig Squires
53 Jim Mueller
54 Devin O’brien
55 Robert Montanez
56 Nadia Didehbani
57 Nikolas Poklitar
58 Mitchell Dean
59 Caleb Kucera
60 Austin Kemp
61 Ken Kemp
62 Kevin Rodriguez
63 Richard Carson
64 Austin Knight


party group!


Hi Folks,
Unfortunately my trip to Austin has been cancelled so I can’t hang around to play :frowning: I pinged Jesse on FB messenger to say I couldn’t make it. But if I need to email someone can you let me know please ? :slight_smile:



I’ll make sure he knows, thanks for the heads up. @neilmcrae
@BuffaloATX @snailman


yeah he replied already so one more place for those on the waitlist!