Bat City Open 2018 Tournament announcement

Hello all. The Bat City Open is returning to Buffalo Billiards in Austin Texas, for it’s third year, June 22nd-24th.
While we missed out, by a hair, or maybe two, on being included in this years Stern Pro Circuit, we are committed to “Keeping Pinball Weird”!
Format, cost, and other pertinent details will be announced in the coming weeks on this thread.

To all of you that played and supported us over the last two years, thank you! And we hope to see you, and many new faces at this years event.




Looking forward to it. This year I’m going to put it on my calendar for the right days so I don’t sign up and miss it again like last year. I was such an idiot!


Any chance we can get a “Juniors” division for kids under 1 this year?

Don’t think we can call it “Juniors” how about a L’il Tykes? 18 Months and under…

2 years and under please. Jaxon wants to play too.

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Junior-Junior, maybe. Also if it wasn’t clear this is a joke. Killian can’t reach both sides of the machine yet. He does like the lights though.


In 4 or 5 years, it’s so on with the father son battles. Somebody’s gotta challenge Colin and Robert and their kids :slight_smile:

Done, the first ever (?) IFPA baby tourney. Never to young to start earning WPPRs…

Jesse you have a website up yet? What is the schedule for this year? What time does qualifying start, cost, etc?

Format, cost, and timeline are being finalized as we speak.
Hope to have the Web page published by mid-week.

Paging Dr. Buffalo.

** REGISTRATION REQUIRED: limited to 64 players. Please only register if you intend to play. **
** Registration begins: 5/25/18 at 12pm US Central time. Link will be provided shortly.**
Calling pinball players of all skill levels! Join us at Buffalo Billiards in the heart of historic downtown Austin, TX for this year’s Bat City Open pinball tournament from June 22-24. We’ve listened to the players, and have redesigned the tournaments to feature two group match play events instead of unlimited “pump and dump” qualifying. The first will be an optional group progressive strikes Knockout event on Friday evening. The main tourney will feature a full day of Pinburgh-style single-game rounds on Saturday, which means you’ll be matched up against players who are playing at a similar level as the tourney progresses. This will be followed by PAPA-style finals on Sunday for A division, B division, and Novice division. Players will compete for trophies, cash prizes, pride, glory, and IFPA WPPR points.
One-time fixed entry fee: $60

  • Tourney entry for both tourneys
  • Access to all tourney pins on Free Play. No coin drop required.
    Stern Army swag door prizes for non-finalists!

Knockout Tourney Format (IFPA sanctioned):

  • Friday, June 22, at 7pm. Check-in by 6:30. Doors at 12pm.
  • Progressive strikes group knockout tourney in 4-player groups. # of strikes dependent on # of players that choose to participate. Estimated to wrap up for the last players standing around midnight.
  • Zero strikes for 1st place, one strike for 2nd place, two strikes for 3rd, and three strikes for 4th in each game.
  • Accelerated strikes will be used when down to two players
  • Players may also use this time to practice play on tourney pins.

Main Tourney Format:

  • Qualifying match play rounds: Saturday, June 23, at 10am. Check-in by 9:30am. Doors at 9am.
  • IFPA scoring: 7-5-3-1. (7-4-1 for 3-players groups)
  • 14 rounds of single games. Re-seeding after every game.
  • Pinburgh style seeding each successive round: Tiered Swiss
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FB link has no details showing for non-fb users.

The Web page has been updated and is now live (for all you non-FB users out there)


The registration page will go live at Noon (Central Time) on May 25th, and will close when we hit our maximum number of entries.
The games list is still being finalized, and will be posted here once all games are confirmed tournament ready.

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Little bummed even though I know a lot of people are going away from Herb style. Much prefer limited entry vs Pinburgh match play if the format needed to change. :frowning: Mainly just due to the seeding as it’s better for the player to actually be in 17th place (assuming only 16 go to finals) than being in 14th, 15th or 16th and not being able to play against everyone at the event.

Colin puts on great events so I’m sure it will still be fun.

How quickly does this usually sell out? I may think about coming as a contingency plan if work has me traveling certain weekends coming up.

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This is the first year we capped registration, so we don’t really have a baseline.
Last year it took about two weeks to hit 65 players (I think, it may have been a bit less)
Off hand, there are about 40-ish Texas players that play in large format tournaments, so that leaves 25 spots for traveling players.

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Awesome! I think I should have an update early enough then. Thanks for the quick reply!