Avengers: Infinity Quest Rulesheet (Early WIP)

Code Rev: 0.90
Feel free to contribute. Update the Code Rev, if applicable.


  • Left slingshot: Standard.
  • Left inlane: Can be lit for “R” in IRON. Lane inserts changed by Spinning Disc and not from flipper button lane-change.
  • Left outlane: Can be lit for “I” in IRON.
  • Computer drop target bank: These targets might be the most important drop targets in a recent machine. Shots to specific drop targets collect their corresponding, cycling awards (ie. Stern Cheetah target rules). Get 3 awards in-a-row to earn a Super feature/mode. An Infinity Gem can be placed on this shot.
  • Left orbit/spinner: Hulk Power Up shot. Spinner used in other modes such as Gamma Ray. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Reverse Ramp: reverse-facing ramp that is fed by a full plunge, as well as shots to the Upper Loop and Right Orbit. Crosses the playfield and feeds the right inlane.
  • Upper flipper
  • Upper flipper up-post: allows the ball to be held above the upper flipper after a shot to the center Gauntlet Ramp.
  • Avengers Tower vertical magnetic vari-target & lock: optos register how far up the ball travels vertically, reaching the upper dead-end of the tower that features a magnet to grab/hold the ball, before releasing it to fee the Upper Flipper. Starts Iron Man multiball among other awards.
  • Sling Ring Spinning Disc (Prem: with pop-up disc scoop): a TOTAN-style spinning disc with only one post instead of two, spelling out STRANGE to qualify Quests, rotate lower lane IRON inserts, among other things. On the Prem/LE only, the disc raises (similar to CV’s RingMaster) to physically lock a ball in the subway for Portal Locks.
  • Portal Subway (Prem. only): see-through subway that can stage balls (similar to Flight 2K). Fed by the raised Sling Ring disc scoop, and feeds the Pym Right VUK.
  • Sanctum standup target: gives various awards lit on the sign above it, such as Extra Ball, Add-a-Ball, and Spot IRON.
  • Pop bumpers (3): provide progress toward Captain America Avenger levels, among other things.
  • Center Loop: Captain America Power-Up shot. Shot through the pops that returns down the Left Orbit rail. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Left Ramp: Black Widow Power-Up shot. Steep ramp that feeds the left inlane. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Shield purple standup target: 1st of 3.
  • Center Gauntlet Ramp: unique convex-shaped entrance to the ramp allows it to be hit from all three flippers. Collect Gem when lit. Feeds the upper flipper.
  • Upper loop: shot from Upper Flipper. Feeds the Reverse Ramp.
  • Shield purple standup target: 2nd of 3.
  • Right Ramp (Prem) / Right Spinner & Turn-Around (Pro): Captain Marvel shot. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
    • Prem: Vertical 180-degree ramp that feeds the right inlane (below the inlane switch)
    • Pro: Spinner lane that feeds the return down the Right Orbit.
  • Captive Ball: Thor Power-Up shot. Spells THOR for Thor Multiball.
  • Right Orbit: Black Panther Power-Up shot. Feeds the Reverse Ramp. You can place an Infinity Gem on this shot.
  • Purple standup target: 3rd of 3.
  • Pym Laboratories VUK (Prem) / Pym Laboratories Dead-end lane (Pro): lit for Mystery and Change Gems. VUK feeds the Captain Marvel ramp return.
  • Right Outlane: Can be lit for “N” in IRON.
  • Right Inlane: Can be lit for “O” in IRON.
  • Right slingshot: Standard.

Skill Shots:

They award points, feature benefits, and additional initial ball-save time.

  • Regular Skill Shot: Plunge the ball softly into the top rollover near the pop bumpers to score the skill shot, worth (?).
  • Super Skill Shot: Full plunge. From the R flipper, shoot the Avengers Tower for points + light mystery (first time only)
  • Secret Skill Shot 1: Medium plunge so ball goes around the orbit curve, but does not make it to the Regular Skill Shot, and rolls backward down the upper loop. It awards points + instantly lites Portal Lock.

Super and Secret Skill shots are part of the Trophy Awards. Getting multiple of the same type of skillshot will upgrade the trophy, starting at Bronze, then Silver, then Gold.

Assemble Avengers:

Shooting the shots or completing features that correspond to the 6 main Avengers: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Black Panther, will allow you to collect that Avenger.

  • Hulk - Shoot the left spinner enough times to qualify. This will also start the Gamma Ray mode for a few seconds before successfully advancing Hulk.
  • Iron Man - Spell IRON at the inlanes and outlanes enough times to qualify. These lane inserts can’t be lane-changed with the flippers - you have to shoot the spinning disc to cycle the lit inserts. However, you can hit the Sanctum target when it’s lit for “Spot IRON” to lite one letter. Spelling IRON also qualifies the locks at the tower for Iron Man Multiball.
  • Captain America - Make enough pop bumper hits to qualify.
  • Black Widow - Make the center ramp (to the left of the gauntlet) enough times to qualify.
  • Thor - Make the captive ball enough times to qualify.
  • Black Panther - Make the right orbit enough times to qualify.

Assemble the Avengers to qualify modes and light Change Gems:

  • 1st time: Soul Gem Quest
  • 2nd time: Black Order Multiball
  • 3rd time: Battle Royale

The requirements to collect each Avenger increase in difficulty after each of the above modes is played.

Soul Gem Quest:
Before the quest begins, you’ll be awarded a bonus for each of the 6 Avengers you collected to qualify this mode based on their level.

The Quest has unlimited ball save, but you only have 30 flips to use. Shooting a lit shot will add 8 additional flips, and draining the ball will take away 5 flips. Shoot the sequence of 8 lit shots to complete the mode. You receive a bonus of 500k x your remaining flips (the final shot does not add 8 more to this) and also acquire the elusive Soul Gem for completing this mode, which can be very helpful later in the game. See below in Gems section.

If you drain with 1-5 flips left, you will lose the Quest, but your ball will still be saved. If you run out of flips, be aware that your ball is still “in play” at that moment! (In other words, there isn’t any “kill power to the flippers” sequence).

Black Order Multiball:

Qualified by Assembling the Avengers a 2nd time.

All six main Avengers are lit, shoot them to advance them towards lighting a jackpot at the upper loop. The more Avengers you collect, the higher the jackpot value and the higher the jackpot multiplier. Each time you light a jackpot, Captain Marvel will also light to add a multiplier, meaning if you focus equally on lighting the jackpots and making the Captain Marvel shot enough times, you can get some HUGE jackpot multipliers! After collecting the jackpot, a shot to the disc will light super jackpot at Pops Orbit (Captain America). Super Jackpot will award some base points plus the points for all jackpots you have collected since your last super jackpot, unlight the jackpot if it’s lit, add a ball, give you back your Soul Gem if you lost it, and reset the avengers to start over again. Drop targets during this mode will boost jackpot, and also boost the “avenger value” which is a small amount of points you get for working towards lighting a jackpot (and also how much goes in to the jackpot).

NOTE: If you possessed the Soul Gem prior to starting the mode by completing Soul Gem Quest, you will get a Multiball Extender in this mode like Scared Stiff!

Battle Royale
You have 6 “lives” (one for each avenger) to defeat the 5 Black Order members.

Battle Thanos:
Qualified by playing all 6 Gem Quests and Black Order Multiball. Can be started before Battle Royale (probably will be)

Avengers Levels:
After collecting an Avenger, each time the requirement for that Avenger is reached, their level will also increase. However, except for any Avenger shot that you’ve placed the Power Gem on, the progress towards levels resets from ball to ball (ie. if you’ve leveled up Captain America to level 1 and drain while trying to qualify level 2, the progress towards level 2 will reset on the next ball).

Leveling up an Avenger increases scoring or the perks of Gems on that shot. Each Avenger can reach Level 2 and be “fully powered up.” Fully powered up avengers give you the perk for their level 1 and make the shot associated with them score 2x for the remainder of the ball.

Computer Grid Awards:

The grid consists of 9 main awards arranged in a 3 X 3 grid. The currently lit award will cycle until any drop target is hit, complete the remaining drop targets to collect the award. If the Power Gem is on the drop targets, then an additional award will be spotted for each hit. This makes it much easier to advance through the grid.

Bonus X – Light Lock – 2X Shield

750K Points – Spot Avenger – Bonus X

2X Arc Reactor – Bonus X – Spot Bullseyes

Collecting 3 awards in a row will award features or start a Super Mode, these are randomly arranged each game (they will remain the same for all the players in a multiplayer game) so the same row won’t always award the same feature or start the same Super Mode every game. Some of these features and Super Modes are:

  • Change Gems
  • Portal Lock (just one)
  • +5X Bonus
  • Extra Ball (awarded instantly)
  • Collect Bonus (stacks with 2x and 3x multipliers from Portal Multiball, so yeah)
  • Trophy (which level?)
  • Ball Saver
  • 10M Points
  • Hulk Rampage
  • Super Arc Reactor
  • Super Gauntlet (Gauntlet ramp lit for 20 seconds, loop the ramp as many times as possible for increasing scores)
  • Super Targets
  • Super Combos
  • Super Arc Reactor
  • Super Disk

Note: All of the Computer Grid Award modes share one timer, ie. modes in TSPP. Starting an additional mode while others are running will reset the timer for all active modes.

Computer Frenzy Multiball:
Play all 6 of the Computer Super Modes to qualify.

Gem Quests

Spin the disc to spell S-T-R-A-N-G-E and qualify 5 of the 6 Gem Quests (not the Soul
Gem Quest). Prem: Shoot the Portal to start. Pro: Shoot the Center or Right Ramp to start.
If you complete a Gem Quest, you collect the Gem and can use it to your advantage (see below on Placing Gems); you also get an “health bonus” based on your Avengers’ remaining health:

  • In the green: 10 mil
  • In the yellow: 5 mil
  • in the solid red: 2.5 mil
  • in the blinking red: YOU GET NOTHING, GOOD DAY SIR

Note that the Avengers health bar will never actually run out. The only way to lose a quest is to drain.

If you fail the Quest, Thanos gets the Gem.

Portal Locks - Prior to starting a Gem Quest, you can earn a “Portal Lock” through game features, such as a Secret Skill Shot and the Computer Grid. Lock 1 or 2 balls (Prem: in the Portal, Pro: virtually?) to make the next Gem Quest a 2 or 3 ball multiball with double or triple scoring. If you complete a Quest with Portal locked balls in play, you go into Victory Laps for the remainder of multiball play. You can make progress toward both Iron Man and Thor multiballs, and can stack either (but not both) of those into a Gem Quest multiball; this will block progress toward the multiball that wasn’t started until single-ball play.


Mind [Blue] (Captain Marvel, Hulk, Black Widow and Black Panther VS. Supergiant)
Hulk, Marvel, Panther, and Black Widow are lit. Shooting any of them “frees” that avenger from the mind control enough to light the Disc to “break free”. The more avengers you free before shooting the disc adds a multiplier to the break free value. 1 avenger = 1x, 2 avengers = 2x, 3 avengers = 3x, 4 avengers = 5x. Repeat this sequence two more times to light Sanctum target for finishing blow.

Power [Red] (Hulk VS. Black Dwarf)
Shots light in spans of 3, with the one of the three shots being the “critical hit” and the other two being “glancing blows”. Critical hits do more damage to Black Dwarf, are worth more points, and will multiply the final blow value. The shot values can be raised always at the disc, or sometimes at the spinner, allowing one spinner rip in between attacks to pump up the value. Do enough damage to light left orbit for Final Blow which is equal to your current critical hit value multiplied by the number of critical hits you got (plus 1). Put the reality gem on this bad boy for some fireworks!

Space [Purple] (Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Black Panther VS. Corvus Glaive)
Right orbit (parry) lights left orbit (attack). If you combo, you’ll get either 2x or 4x depending on the combo. Left ramp -> Right Orbit will light 2x attack. Right ramp->Inner loop will also light 2x attack. Left ramp->Right ramp->Inner loop will light 4x attack. After each attack, the pop bumpers will also score some bonus points that are also multiplied by the attack value. Complete three attack waves to win.

Time [Orange] (Captain America, Iron Man and Thor VS. Proxima Midnight)
Shoot left and right ramps, then strobing target on the grid. Strobing target starts at 3x value, but with each miss to a different target the multiplier goes down by one to 2x, 1x, and then will freeze on the second target and stop strobing for 1/2x. Repeat 3 times to win. If power gem is on drop targets then hitting any drop target will count, although possibly at a reduced value if you hit the wrong one. Reality gem on drops makes the targets reset when you hit an incorrect one (helps give you more options).

Reality [Yellow] (Dr. Strange VS. Ebony Maw)
Shoot the disc to add letters to STRANGE and light all RGB arrows. Every spin on the disc adds a letter, and each letter acts as a multiplier on your RGB arrow awards. The letters slowly count down but can be added back by spinning the disc at any time. Shoot 8 RGB arrows to win.

Placing and Changing Gems:
Completing a Gem Quest will light the Right Ramp to collect the Gem. Then you shoot an eligible shot to place that Gem onto the shot. Placing Gems on a shot will provide a perk based on the Gem and the shot itself. Gems can be placed on shots with a diamond insert: Drop Target Bank, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

It’s possible to move Gems around to different shots by lighting “Change Gems” (lit every time you assemble all avengers, or from a computer bingo award) and collecting it: on Premium, at the Pym (Antman / Mystery) Shot and on the Pro, at the Right Ramp (after qualifying at the Pym / Antman / Mystery shot).

Gem Perks:
Mind [Blue]

  • Action Button will spot shot(s), with similarities to the BOOM button in Deadpool.
  • If Mind Gem is on an Avenger who is below level 1, action button will only work on THAT shot for all modes running.
  • If placed on level 1 Avenger, action button will spot the best shot anywhere on the playfield (what the game thinks is the “best” shot) for each mode that is running.
  • If placed on level 2 Avenger, action button will act like a super BOOM and spot all shots in all running modes, left to right, in order. This can be very helpful during Hulk Rampage!

Power [Red]

  • Spot an additional shot where the Gem is placed. Also counts as further progress advances for shots; ie. putting it on the drop targets gives two awards for the price of one, putting it on the Captain Marvel shot gives two shots for the price of one.
  • Carry Over Avenger level between ball and wizard modes. If you reach level 2, that shot multiplier will remain intact for the rest of the ball. The aforementioned shots can’t be leveled up, though, so be sure to consider your options or change gems if you’re about to start a mode that would encourage making the Avenger shots.

Space [Purple]

  • Shooting the Space Gem shot enables the action button to cycle all placed Gems around instantly for a few seconds, without having to qualify Change Gems. The best place to put this gem is on a shot that takes a while for the ball to return, like the right orbit or center ramp.

Time [Orange]

  • As soon as the Time Gem is acquired, Multiball ball savers will have additional time given to them. This can be helpful for Portal Multiball if you want to get the mode objectives out of the way without risking the Multiball.
  • A shot to wherever the Time Gem is placed will add time to the master timer, or store time in a time bank that is then added once a timed mode is started. If there are any shots you find particularly easy or reliable to make, putting the Time Gem on that shot might be a good idea.

Reality [Yellow]

  • Shot multiplier
  • Adds a shot multiplier to whichever shot the Reality Gem is placed on, based on the level of the shot’s corresponding Avenger:
    • 2x for Avenger below level 1 (or any shot without a corresponding Avenger),
    • 3x for Avenger level 1,
    • 4x for level 2 Avenger (this replaces the 2x you normally get for a level 2 Avenger).
  • Try placing this gem on Avengers who are at level 2. This might take a while to do, so take advantage of the Change Gems feature to accomplish this.

Soul [Green]

  • Soul Gem Jackpot: After completing a Gem Quest, the next time you collect a gem, wherever the Soul Gem is placed is lit to collect the Soul Gem Jackpot for a percentage of the last Quest score:
    • 25% for uncollected Avenger,
    • 50% for collected Avenger,
    • 75% if Avenger is Level 1,
    • 150% if Avenger is Level 2 (2 x 75% because of level 2 Avenger 2x shot perk). (Can this stack with a 2x or 3x portal lock quest MB? If so, a 450% collect is theoretically possible!)
    • Drop Targets and Marvel ramp always do 50%
  • Replay any Gem Quest (even completed ones). But if you fail the quest, you’ll lose the soul gem. For riskier quests you might be better off bringing Portal Multiball or one of the other two Multiballs into them.
  • Multiball Extender in Black Order Multiball (similar to Scared Stiff; replenishes your balls and the ball saver when you first drain down to one)
  • Longer ball save in Battle Thanos
  • If there’s any shot you know you can make consistently, place the Soul Gem on it. DON’T put it on a more difficult shot. And whatever you do, don’t lose it!

IRON Man Multiball:

Spell I-R-O-N on the inlane/outlanes to light lock(s) at the Avengers Tower/Iron Man shot. Lock 3 balls to start multiball.

The lit IRON letters DO NOT lane-change using the flipper buttons, instead the Spinning Disc will cycle them. You can also spot an IRON lane from the Sanctum Target when SPOT IRON is lit (lit by shooting Pym standup target.).

The first spelling of IRON lights all three locks. After the first Iron Man Multiball, spelling IRON will light one lock.

Thor Multiball:

Spell T-H-O-R at the Thor Captive Ball to light Thor Multiball. Shoot the captive ball when lit to start Multiball.

Shoot lit arrow for jackpot, then the captive ball, 2 jackpots then captive ball, 3 jackpots then captive ball, etc.until you spell THOR and super jackpot is lit at Tower.

Successive Thor Multiballs require more letters to spot, and eventually require spelling T-H-O-R twice.

SHIELD Bonus: Pop bumpers increase your current SHIELD Bonus based on how high of a level Captain America is, and also increases the base value of it by a much smaller amount. Shooting the upper Hawkeye loop lights Captain America for 15 seconds to collect shield bonus. Once collected, the value resets to the base value (which will be higher than before, as pop bumpers both raise the current shield value, and the “reset” value). Each time you collect a shield bonus it will collect or upgrade a trophy.

Captain Marvel:
Shots to the Captain Marvel shot are accumulated throughout the game, and several awards can be obtained by making enough shots (ie. tower rules from Jurassic Park). (Need info on awards - Mystery is one of the earliest?)

Mystery can be lit in several ways, either from enough shots to Captain Marvel or after successfully making a Super Skill Shot. On the Premium / LE it’s lit at the right up-kicker, on the Pro it’s at the right ramp. Possible awards are:

Hawkeye Challenge:
Qualify by shooting the 3 Bullseye targets. When lit, shoot Avengers Tower to start Hawkeye Challenge. It will countdown and release the ball and your goal is to hit the inner loop (just need to break the opto), or bullseye target and you’re rewarded with a Portal Lock. Subsequent attempts at the challenge increase the difficulty from level 1 to level 2, level 3, and level Karl (yes, really), with better rewards.

Hawkeye Combo:
At any point in the game, loop the Ctr Ramp as many times as you like to increase the value, and then shoot the upper loop to collect. Maxes at 3x. The game keeps track of the number of these combos, every 5 will spot a computer grid square, and every 10 will award or upgrade a trophy. A 3x combo counts as 3 combos when it comes to these thresholds.

Gamma Ray:
Level Hulk up to Level 1 to qualify Gamma Ray mode.
Timed mode where the Hulk spinner scores points and increases in value with each spin. The spinner value starts at 50k; each spin awards that value and increases it by 5k.

Trophy Awards

Achievement system for various gameplay goals, awarded at a bronze, silver, or gold level.
24 of the 32 Trophies must be collected (at any award level) to qualify the “true” wizard mode: Trophy Mania. The more golds and silvers you have while playing Trophy Mania, the higher scoring it will be.
Trophies also get added permanently to End of Ball Bonus, before bonus X is taken into account. Golds will add a whopping 200k each pre-multiplier! Additionally, combo values are increased by +15k per bronze trophy you have, +30k for each silver, and +60k for each Gold.

Fun With Bonus

Each of the following are how many of these you’ve made THIS ball:

  • Switch hits x 250
  • Computer grid squares x 25k
  • Arc reactors x 25k
  • Hawkeye shots x 25k
  • Combos x 25k

These are saved throughout your whole game:

  • Bronze trophies x 50k
  • Silver trophies x 100k
  • Gold trophies x 200k
  • Gems collected x 250k
    All multiplied by your bonus X.

I was trying to break down the rules from the reveal stream for my own understanding but I got a bit carried away and it turned into the start of Rulesheet.


Does anyone know if draining (without the power stone) resets your level to 0? or does it just reset the progress toward level 2? I assume its the former.

I think I saw all avenger levels are set back to 1 if you drain.

Without Power Gem Avengers go back to either uncollected or collected (so you’ll never “uncollect” an avenger, just lose their level 1 or 2 status)

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Power gem is also 2x progress towards collect and power up. 2x marvel progress on marvel shot, spots additional grid award when on grid

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Sounds a little weird to “level up” an Avenger to level 1… I’d think collecting an Avenger means they’re level 1, then you level them up to 2 and 3.


Soul Gem Quest: do tap passes count as flips?

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Or staged flips? :slight_smile:

Well the switch registers when you do a tap pass, so I’d say yes.

There COULD be a mode where the switch needs to be closed for X seconds before it counts. Maybe not in this game. But I could see a limited flipper hold mode or a mode where the longer you hold the flippers the lower the scoring for the mode is.

Royal rumble did that. Definitely possible.

Oh, did it? I’ve still never played one!

Yep! So during multiball, when super jackpot is lit it starts at 100M. Then for each second you have either flipper held, it drops 10M per second. Once neither flipper is held up for more than a second it goes back up by 10M per second.

Also there’s a mode that the score reduces if the flipper is held up.

Also during multiball there’s a timer that counts down and when it gets to zero, the game adds a ball (6 max). If you have the flipper held up, the timer freezes.

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Well, that really makes me want to check it out! Just when you think you come up with a unique idea, BAM! nope!

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It’s on WOZ too, during Wicked Witch. Value of the shots drop whenever a flipper is up.


As does WOZ, jackpot scores go down as you hold the flipper in one of the mini wiz modes (different from the no hold crystal ball mode) - after killing the wicked witch.

I should really read the rest of the thread before replying to a comment :smiley: @kdeangelo already answered

I think the first game to do this was Data East Simpsons, where during 3-Ball play, the jackpot would start lowering if you held a ball on a flipper and increase if you were flailing. So did Al’s Garage Band, I think.

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Sad! Everything’s been done before!

Now - show me a mode that scores more points the more shots you hit while the action button is held down simultaneously. Now we’re innovating.


Must be held with your chin.

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