"Alternative Facts" about Pinball

No joke man, this TPP stuff that’s in the news made me think of Homepin and their Thunderbirds project at first. So that’s how mangled this hobbie’s got me.

I really hope someone sees this and decides to do a project pin.

Edit: Convert a Hercules, because a Trump pin would have to be HUGE!


WPPR 5.3 will eliminate the super-pointfest that is NYC’s Modern Pinball (see latest results).


Drain the swamp of special interests?

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Millions of dead people competed at INDISC 2017, boosting the WPPR value. Karl’s current ranking is a lie!


Can confirm:

• Was at INDISC
• Am dead


Stern changes The Scream on Ghostbusters!

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I’ve concluded my investigation into the massive player fraud. The evidence is overwhelming. From here on out, all tournament players must:

  • Wear a heart monitor, with a little speaker attached so we can hear their heartbeat and confirm that they’re alive.
  • Upon registering for a tournament, they must show ID.
  • Must be able to sign their name and birthdate with flourish (this will help ensure that they’re not impersonating someone, since it’s well-known that impersonators will struggle to sign a fake name).
  • When signing up, all players must stare deep into the eyes of the TD and pledge allegiance to Gorgar, the demi-God of pinball.

Place your left hand on the rulebook, repeat after me;

You got me Gorgar
Beat me you
Me beat Gorgar
You hurt me