Aerosmith Tournament Setup(other games too)

Question for all the TD’s out there regarding the setup of Aerosmith for tournament play. Would you enable virtual ball locks? I guess this could also apply to other games that also have this feature.

definitely, unfair kick in or on top of the Joker guys make a big difference. It could also increase the change of loosing track of balls since there is no switches inside its box.


WOZ always gets virtual locks because the lock mech sometimes releases more balls than it’s supposed to.

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What other games would you suggest turning on virtual locks?



Batman '66, Game of Thrones



I wouldn’t turn on a virtual ball lock on Aerosmith unless the specific game was experiencing some difficulties.


Interesting we now have differing opinions. I was hoping there would be a clear cut answer. Lol.

Blocking up the Toy Box with locked balls can be a strategy.


Watching the IFPA Nationals and they have virtual locks turned on.

I think physical locks for solo qualifying and virtual locks for multiplayer is the best way to go.


I also find it odd that they didn’t turn off EB’s on Aerosmith.

Possible they felt that the points value you get when turned off was overpowering given the lowered expected scoring with the way the game is set up.

I don’t believe they are on … But I’m also far too lazy to check right now (the game is 8 feet away from me).


They may not be awarding an actual extra ball, not sure. But when I turn off EB’s on my Aerosmith it never displays “extra ball lit” like it was doing today.

They’re set to points. 15M.

Hmm. For some reason I couldn’t find that setting. I’ll have to double check as that is what I would like it to do.

EDIT - Went through the settings again and even checked the manual, I didn’t see anything about virtual locks. Do you just disable the Toybox motor?

Also, I can’t find any setting that awards points for EB’s.

Lastly, I thought I noticed in the IFPA stream for Aerosmith, anytime they started multiball, they had ZERO ball save time. When checking my settings the lowest setting I can turn that down to is 5 seconds. Any help is appreciated.

Yes, disable the toy box.

Installing Competition should set EB to points.

There’s a short ball save on Toys MB at the Pin Masters setup. Very short.

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Disabling the toy box enabled “virtual locks”.

I installed Comp Mode but it still awarded an EB versus giving points.