Aerosmith Tournament Setup(other games too)


Extra balls have to be set to off to award points.


Hmm, thought I tried that as well. When set to off I can never get the EB to light.


Hm… I don’t know if there’s been a code update since the last time I played it, but as far as I know, competition mode + EBs set to off should award points when EB is lit at the scoop. If I’m not mistaken, the points can be multiplied too.


Monitoring this thread because I have a feeling I will be playing this Aerosmith soon :wink:


For tournament play I normally setup Aerosmith with:

  • Disable Toybox (Virtual Locks)
  • Competition Mode
  • No Ball Save
  • No extra balls
  • 5 second ball save on all multiballs (I do this on all Modern machines where the option exists)
  • No rubber on right outlane
  • Posts on advanced and no rubber

It always gives the 15M extra ball award when setup in this fashion for me.


On Aerosmith set steep, freshly waxed, I don’t think you need to remove the rubber on the outlane posts – just set them wide. Especially with Toybox disabled, Aerosmith is already plenty drainy even with the rubber on – can still easily get Borg’ed on the L outlane, and shots/kickers to the Toybox often end up in danger in R outlane area.


I will try those EB settings again tonight but I have a gut feeling I already tried and it did not award points for EB.


It should award the points, but there may not be a display effect to show how much it was worth.


Ok I double checked my settings and I didn’t need to change anything. They matched the settings above. I guess my question now is if EB is off, how do you obtain an EB in order to get the bonus points?


Start 3 songs or hit 5 hidden Jacky shots (random unlit shots all around the Playfield). If you hit a Jacky shot you should see an animation of the jack in the box on the lcd.

Either of these will light the EB on the song select scoop.


To clarify, I believe only one random unlit shot is hidden on the PF at any given time – and given the nature of the Toy Box, I don’t believe it ever rewards a hidden Jacky. In addition to the mentioned Jacky animation, you’ll also get a Jacky callout/laugh when you hit one.

Better question: @djreddog can you do some glass-off testing and see if in Competition Installed settings, the sequence of which shot is a hidden Jacky is deterministic (always the same order), provided that the usual order isn’t occupied with a random “first lit shot” of the initial song mode chosen? The reason I ask is that at Pin-Masters, it felt like any time someone plunged the lock shot on their ball 1 plunge, so long as the lock shot wasn’t lit for the song mode shot, it awarded a hidden Jacky. See if that is true of all ball ones when the lock isn’t lit for a song mode shot.

For competition play, my preference is to take the Hidden Jacky EB (and its big points payoff) completely out of play by turning the # of Hidden Jacky’s required to get an EB to its max value.