Addams Family Repair help

Hi all, I am having a problem with my TAF that is making me crazy, any advice would be greatly appreciated:

I’m desperately looking for advice on how to fix some flipper problems on my TAF. All four flippers have had very intermittent, weird things happening that make the game unplayable.

At times the bottom right flipper does not respond at all when pressing the button but the upper right flipper does work, sometimes both work perfectly. Other times the upper left flipper does a double flip motion while the bottom left is fine. Ive also found that sometimes when I hold the left flipper button in all the way, both flippers activate and stay in the up position then the upper flipper goes down while I still have the button pressed, it does not happen every time however.

This is what I have done so far to fix the situation:

Replaced all four coils
Installed a new Rottendog Fliptronics II board
Installed new flipper button switches
Ive made every attempt to adjust all of the switches on the all four of the coils and the flipper button switches, the spacing looks correct as far as my eye can tell.
Ive re-seated every connector related to the flippers in the back box many times.
All of the solder points on the flipper button switches and coils look solid
All fuses are good

Any advice on what I should try next?

Thanks so much!

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If you have another WPC game handy try replacing the ribbon cable from the MPU to the Fliptronics board.
You should also check your MPU for any signs of alkaline damage under the battery tray. That damage can cause lots of weird behavior from your game.

Thanks so much, that’s excellent advice. I have a theatre of magic also, so I switched the ribbon cable as you suggested, I also tried the cable that connects the mpu to the power driver board but it didn’t fix the problem unfortunately. The mpu does not appear to have battery acid damage.

Any advice on what else I can check?

Does addams have leaf switches the flipper buttons hit, or opto switches?

If leaf - Are they the correct low voltage ones with gold contacts and not switches with the tungsten contacts?

If opto, (I think its optos?) have you tried re-flowing the solder on the flipper opto boards, and cleaning the optos in the U opto housing themselves? Also re-seat the IDC connectors that plug into the flipper opto boards.

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Great questions, thanks so much! My Taf has leaf switches, not optos. I was having these bizarre flipper problems before I replaced the switches, however I am reviewing the switches I ordered and I did purchase this:
Flipper Button Switch - Dual Contact - High Voltage (Bally/Williams)
Item# SW-1010A-13

Do you think using high voltage tungsten contacts could be causing the problem?

Also, I am trying to look for diagnostic info on the MPU board in my TAF. I know that the red flashing diodes can communicate an error with a certain number of flashes, although I can seem to locate info on what the flashes mean. I don’t see it in the TAF manual. Any advice on that?
I have had the MPU serviced in the past, although I don’t remember what was done to it.

I actually found the info and all of the lights on my board, flash as they should according to this:

CPU LED’s Explained

D19 – Blanking,
D20 – Diagnostic
D21 – +5VDC

D19 – At game turn on, this should be on for appx 3 seconds, then should go out AND STAY OUT! This indicates that the blanking circuit is disabled and therefore the machine cannot energise solenoids etc.
D20 – After D19 has gone out, this should stay flashing permanently while the game is on. This indicates (when flashing continuously that the CPU is running)
D21 – This should always be on. This indicates that the 5VDC power is on the CPU board.

Edit: Travam is correct. Wrong switches. Should be SW-1-192.

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Using High Voltage switches will definitely cause issues like you are experiencing. They have way too much resistance to be used in a Fliptronic system.


Get the proper switches in there.

Excellent, thanks so much, I’ll order them ASAP! This has been extremely helpful.

Let us know if it helps the issue :slight_smile: