AC/DC Rule Sheet in beta

I’d like some feedback on the AC/DC rule sheet. Please check this out and let me know what you think.

While no one is bound to do so, please don’t share the link at this time, because the rule sheet is still somewhat a work in progress. If anyone has trouble seeing it, or is unable to make comments, please let me know.


I think the question is, will the code ever not be a work in progress? :wink: I get the feeling things will always be discovered with that game, not unlike the Michigan J. Frog easter egg in the original IJ.

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I think it’s great. Thanks for putting it together. A couple of things: The base value of Jam mb is affected by mb stacking. With triple mb the base value of Jam is 400K rather than 150K. The base is higher for Jam mb with a two mb stack also, but Lyman will probably need to provide some input for the exact formula. I think the base jackpot values of the other MBs are also affected by stacking.

If TNT is playing with 3x playfield and super lanes going during album mb, I think 12x song bonus is possible if the left T is completed, and then N is completed and then you shoot the right-hand T stand-up or use a VIP pass just after the ball rolls over the super lane return lane switch. I’m not certain of this.

“If you miss the Cannon shot, or fail to fire the cannon, you’ll need to complete FIRE three more times.”

I was under the impression that if you didn’t fire the cannon at all, it lessened the amount of FIRE’s needed to relight the cannon to either 1 or 2 instead of 3.

I will check on this, but I’m not sure I agree with what you’re saying. In Triple Multiball your opening jackpots (from the Cannon shot) are triple their normal value. I don’t know what happens to them during the actual multiball. Will try to confirm through play.

Regarding the 12x, only the jackpot is doubled when you complete a bank left-to-right in Album. The Song Bonus, if it is awarded, is not doubled by doing this. (To my knowledge.)

That was my impression as well, but I tried it, and found that you needed to go all the way back around again.

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Thanks Bowen for working on this!

One thing that I find difficult, and perhaps you could discuss from a strategic strategy as well, is trying to understand how your progress toward lighting note shots or completing note shots going in to multiball affects your strategy for making shots towards add-a-ball while in multiball. Even keeping track of which shots and how many shots are required for aab is often difficult for me.

Any insight is appreciated.
Thanks again,

I may be wrong, but I’ve been told that you need to hit all five shots during the multiball to earn add-a-ball in 1.68.

In earlier versions, your Musical Note progress carries through (and this might still be true). Hitting all Musical Notes would give the add-a-ball, so you could enter multiball needing as few as 1 shot to get the add-a-ball. (My strategy is usually to blow off the right loop, then pick it up or VIP it when you need to.)

Does anyone know how this works on 1.68? Our local AC/DC is not updated to the newest version.

I know that in Tournament mode v1.68 you need all 5 note shots. In non-tournament I think they still carry over (I’m a little fuzzy on this sadly: my home machine is set on Tourney mode all the time, but the one on location near me isn’t). Also note that you need to have hit the mode shots necessary to light the 5 note shots (e.g. if you’re playing RnR Train you need to have hit the left ramp -> right ramp / orbit / standups combo first, then the 5 note shots; I’ve seen players start Hells Bells, immediately start multi-ball, shoot the bell, then hit the four other note shots and wonder why they don’t get add-a-ball – need the bell again as the 5th note shot because your first bell hit “opened” the 5 notes).

Ditto on this.

So, do you try to pre-collect the note shots short of the R loop prior to starting a multiball, to ensure that AAB won’t be missed?

I guess in tournament mode it doesn’t matter.

No. I actually prefer to leave the R loop uncollected, because I tend not to want to hit that shot or accidentally hit it during multiball when a ball gets out of control. For me, it’s the prime shot to use my VIP for save-a-ball + add-a-ball.

And thanks for assembling/coordinating this, @bkerins!

I just got my AC/DC prem. The timing here is PERFECT!

I believe that this is no longer the behavior in 1.68, and that you always need all five shots in multiball to get the add-a-ball. Otherwise yes, though I’m not going to make a big deal of hitting the Bell, since I’ll be hitting it anyway with the Cannon to start multiball.

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You’re welcome, Mr. Nixon

Is there another way of getting the value of hitting the bell with the cannon, without hitting the bell with the cannon? I’ve encountered a number of on-site machines (it’s strangely popular here in Australia, no idea why) where the cannon just doesn’t have enough juice to hit it.

You can ‘cheat’ it in multiball to get the SJ with the other balls, but otherwise Nope.

On such location machines just hitting the jackpot target seems to be the best bet in multiball or jamming it up the spinner for an easy return to the flipper otherwise.

“If playing a long game, consider saving War Machine for the second or third Tour Multiball, when you may have a chance to collect the Song Bonus.”

What’s the best way for a person to know that he’s at the beginning of a long game? :smile:

In all seriousness, I’m 2/3 of the way through this doc, and it’s really well written, informative, and useful.

One other thing for now: I think Courier is not a great font choice for easy reading, especially given the length of the document.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not.

I can check my ACDC when I get home, I’m pretty sure I’m on 1.68 and you can go into MB with only one shot left to collect and still get the AAB with just the one shot.

I’ll confirm tonight.