2022 Events - Dates and Links

Sounds fun, wish i could be there :slight_smile:

FYI for IFPA certified event with best game/pump and dump/Herb:
For events with UNLIMITED qualifying – a minimum of 5 meaningful games played

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Oh thank you for that I didn’t notice that requirement. Well that’s easily fixed!


Added dates and links for SFGE (Southern Fried Gaming Expo - Atlanta) and Arcade Expo (Houston) to the calendar.


Free Play Florida is 11/18 to 11/20, https://www.freeplayflorida.com/

District 82 has Super Series 10/6 to 10/9


Pinball at the Lab (formerly Lake) Sep. 24-25th, Riverside, CA. Courtesy of Jim and Karl. Added above.

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SFGE 2022 pinball tournaments page has been updated with specific details about preregistration: Pinball Tournaments - Southern-Fried Gaming Expo | July 15-17, 2022

Preregistration opens tomorrow (7/14/2022) at noon eastern; link and more details are on that main SFGE tournaments page.

Did ifpa17 ever get streamed? Cant find the replay anywhere.

It did. On the Pinball Asylum channel. They — or he… it might only be Vince — haven’t had the time yet to do the processing and uploading to YouTube, from the last I heard.

Thanks. I missed this one live so eagerly await the replay.

Details for Space City Open/Houston Arcade Expo are now posted. Registration goes live on September 18 at 11AM Central

That’s an amazing banner! I want a shirt of it! And/or a poster!

It’s awesome, right?

We’ll have t-shirts and posters available for pre-order once ticket sales open. But we are only doing pickup at the show, so either attend (you totally should!) or have someone pick it up for you.

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