2019 NKY Pinball Open (6/15/2019)

The 2019 NKY Pinball Open will be held in Independence, KY on 6/15/2019. See below for initial details and tentative game list.

Tickets went on sale this morning and sold out in 2.5 hours! Crazy. If you want on the waitlist, please let me know and i will add you.

Waitlist : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tB7eEMCTqwV8ESYSejcgqgLxrQ5-zXFQnqXzNvHj4fA/edit?usp=sharing

As always, the entire event will be streamed. www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball Qualifying and Finals. This is a cool stream as we have great commentators that have people from the tournament come on throughout the day during down times and chat it up. Lots of fun.

$30 buy in. 48 player limit. $10 from each entry goes to food, drinks and trophies. $1 from each player goes to the IFPA gods. Practice at 9am. Start time 10:45am

T-shirts for sale at the event $20. Royal Blue and Navy Blue Pincinnati shirts

Top 4 of A division get payouts (70% of total pot) for 60%, 25%, 10%, and 5%

Top 4 of B division get payouts (30% of total pot) for 60%, 25%, 10%, and 5%

Drinks and food will be provided all day.

8 rounds of Group Matchplay (7,5,3,1) scoring. 4 player groups. 8 rounds of matchplay (single game) with a break after the 4th round. We will also break after qualifying to setup finals.

Top 16 make A finals, next 16 make B finals. Group Matchplay finals as well. Same scoring as Qualifying. During finals, there are 3 games played per round and you must play one game from each era (OLD,MID,NEW)


Tentative Game List :

Grand Prix (OLD)
Dipsy Doodle (OLD)
Jungle Queen (OLD)
Stars (OLD)
Nugent (OLD)
Flight 2000 (MID)
Jungle Lord (MID)
Firepower (MID)
Big Game (MID)
Genesis (MID)
Big Guns (MID)
Game of Thrones Pro (NEW)
WWF Royal Rumble (NEW)
World Cup Soccer '94 (NEW)
ACDC Prem Vault (NEW)

Back up only if necessary:
Odds and Evens (OLD)

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You should run a side tournament on Royal Rumble. 4-player match play, just like the rumble. Everyone is randomly assigned a number, when a person loses, the next number in line jumps on the game. Fun times!

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Oh dang! That’s a cool idea. So like a ladder but the next player is chosen randomly? Then just keep going until only one remains?

So say there’s 20 people that want to play. Everyone gets a random number assigned. Then players 1-4 start, then five joins after game one and so on?

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I’m not seeing the incentive to survive if it just means playing more Royal Rumble.


Hey now! I think this game is fun. Yeah sure try and burn out the upper playfield divertor coil if you want, pretty hard to setup on mine, and if you can get to that point, more power to ya.

Mines fast and mean. Games go QUICK.


Yes, same exact format as the Royal Rumble. If 20 players ($5 a person), then randomly assign numbers 1-20. Start the tournament with numbers 1-4. When the game is over, player #5 jumps in. It’s definitely an exciting format on that game.

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We can play it by ear too. Like if tons of people want to play, do stall ball instead.

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You can also set the game to 1-ball, so that this side tournament doesn’t take 2 hours to complete.

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Thread title says 6/19, message body says 6/15?

Thanks. Fixed.

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I really want to play stallball.

I’m sure that could be arranged! I’ll see what people want to do after the tournament is over. Usually is done around 7-8, so still plenty of time for games after that.

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You should call it “pre-1980s” if you’re including Stars and Nugent in the era. There’s already confusion among newer players about what an EM is.

You could call the eras 70s, 80s, and 90s+ if you wanted a more consistent naming scheme.

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I always over communicate at these things. Always explain things multiple times, signs on games, etc. each game will have a sign on it labeling it DMD SS or EM. Plus it only matters for finals so I always explain again at that time.

I’m still confused by your response. You have Stars and Nugent labelled as EMs above.

Yep. They are being considered EMs for this tournament as to give finalists more choices for when it comes time to choose an EM. Confusion of this will be eleviated by signs on the games labeling them EM, DMD or SS and all participants will receive emails detailing this, and also communicated to them at the start of the event, and prior to finals starting.

We had this problem early on for the IFPA World Championship. We went from calling our eras “EM-SS-DMD” to “OLD-MID-NEW”.



Classing a 25 year old machine as NEW seems counter-intuitive to me though.

Just call them Bank A, Bank B & Bank C