2019 IFPA Heads-Up Pinball Championship - Game/Challenge list

A reminder for anyone looking to register for the 2019 HUC. Details are here:


Here’s the tentative game/challenge list for this year:


  1. Start Raven Multiball
  2. Start Enlarging Ray
  3. Start SPOT
  4. Start 3X Playfield Multiplier
  5. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  1. Start EDDIE Mode (player chooses what mode)
  2. Activate 2X or 3X Playfield Multiplier (player choice)
  3. Start Mummy Multiball
  4. Start Tropper Multiball
  5. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  1. Start a QUEST
  2. Start Katana-rama Time
  3. Defeat a VILLAIN (player choice)
  4. Start Ninja Multiball
  5. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  1. Capture a Villain (player chooses what Villain)
  2. Start Villain Multiball
  3. Start Bat Turn Mode
  4. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  1. Start Groot Multiball
  2. Start Orb Multiball
  3. Light one of the 2X multiplier shots (player choice)
  4. Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)
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Wow, 5 pairs of games this year? That’s a step up!

So is this a soft announcement for half the circuit final bank? :thinking:

So if a player chooses a mode that isn’t the default starting mode, you’re going to base a challenge on the randomness of how many times the Revive spinner spins?

Or the option for a player to start their second Eddie mode instead (for Aces High).

I can think of some nice strategic implications that make smart speed run mentality optimal for this particular challenge. Sure you could shoot revive spinner or you could think outside the box and have safer and perhaps faster options!

I need Beatles and Seawitch side by side and a Stars for good measure!

2 shots (3 button presses). Has there been a quicker path?

Better rubber feet this year?

For context, this was how the tournament ended. Final match between Bowen and Zach. Bowen made a strong move, but not extreme, and the rubber foot popped out. Tournament over. It was a bummer.

On the left leg leveler you can kind of see how shallow this style is. It still takes a move to get them out, but not nearly as much as the deeper style.


Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but why would someone waste time shooting the spinner?

(unless player choice indicates the person choosing the challenge chooses which mode has to be started?)

It was also unfortunate that the two different machines had different types of rubber feet. Still, it was my responsibility to check the feet before starting play, and the right ruling was made.

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If this comment is too off-topic, feel free to delete or move it, but I’m sooo not a fan of rubber cups acting as a slam tilt switch. Capital B, capital S.


Shoot the spinner: if FOTD is the fixed mode lit on game-start, and Rime is chosen as mode to start. I wouldn’t want to chop wood through 5 EDDIE (plus 4 mode timeout, or mode tilt out if you have a ball to spare) to get there. I’d shoot spinner. And now it’s a luck fest on who can get the spinner to dial a win.

Shoot the pops, pray for minor spinner hits on the return? I do admit I love the absurdity of “SpinneRNG” being a thing.

When’s competitive Spy Hunter?

If you lose your “luck” match you can always choose from such skillful challenges as: Shoot Groot’s Mouth 6 times. Shoot Orb lock 6 times. Shoot mummy ball 3 times, a ramp once, and then mummy 5 times, or many other thrillingly obvious routes.


I have to confirm under the Competition Install whether the ‘next mode’ is always the next one up the ladder, but here’s a strategic choice I find interesting assuming it is:

  • Game start with FOTD . . . Challenge is start Rime.

Shoot the spinner once and it lands on Hallowed be Thy Name.

Do you shoot the spinner again and hope it lands on Rime? Or spell EDDIE to start Hallowed, drain, spell EDDIE to start Rime . . . done?

I agree chopping wood through 5 EDDIE modes isn’t viable, but chopping wood to get to your 2nd EDDIE mode isn’t challenging at all (especially on 5 ball play).

Still lame when your opponents spinner shot lands on Rime…


Agreed, this is a lot of luck. Perhaps changing this to “Collect any Soul Shard” or “Start 2 Eddie modes” might be more balanced?

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How about collect any Tomb Treasure? Would that cause too much reliance on Loop JPs?

Complete Power Feature: Targets/ramps/orbits/pops